Friday, January 22, 2010

Kate and Her Books!

Katelyn loves books. She has for a while now. Whenever she is cranky or just driving me bonkers, sitting down with a few books does just the trick!

Here she is, just 1 year old, already reading her books!

Reading with Daddy

(I know this picture looks staged, but Kelly really just finished a sentence when I snapped the photo!)

Right now, Katelyn has to read several books before her nap and bedtime. She usually requests the same ones. Once you finish the stories, she must be put to bed with every book you just read! Recently she has decided she also has to take whatever toy/toys she was just playing with to bed too. Sometimes I have to take things out of the crib without her knowing because I have no idea how she can sleep comfortably with all this nonsense!

This picture was after today's nap. Note the usual books, stuffed animals, and a toy. But because she played football with daddy right before nap time, she insisted on sleeping with the football! That's our girl!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Pictures To Share!

My life seems pretty boring lately! I don't really have much to share, except some recent snapshots of the kiddos!

My cute little Katydid!

Every now and then there are moments like these! I just wish they were always happy to put their arms around each other!

Then there is Daddy! Our kids are pretty lucky to have a dad like Kelly. In fact, there are times I have to remind them that Dad has to spend time with me too! Is it possible to be jealous of how much playtime they get to have with Daddy?!

Here they are watching a movie all snuggled together!

Here is Katelyn playing with the best Christmas present ever. This is one toy that so far, hasn't lost its fun. She is always playing with her "goll house." Kelly even taught her to make special noises for the toilet!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Take the Parents Pledge

I have made it back to the land of blogging! I can't believe it has taken me this long! Christmas is now over and it is time to start a new year.
As I was sitting in my doctor's office for nearly two hours.......that dreadful glucose test always takes so long, I read something interesting in the December issue of Parents magazine. I thought I would share it with you.

The Parents Pledge:

To keep my kids healthy, I am going to make these ten important promises a priority.

1- I won't let anyone smoke around my children and I'll support my loved ones who want to quit by sending them to

2- We'll stock up on sunscreen and wear it all year long.

3- I won't drive anywhere (even around the corner) unless my kids are buckled into their car or booster seat (and I'll check to make sure I have it properly installed.)

4- I'll calmly keep serving my kids different kinds of vegetables and won't give up even if they refuse the first ten times.

5- When evenings are hectic, we'll still make bedtime a priority. Sleep-deprived kids are more likely to get sick, space out in school, and melt down. Who needs that?

6- Helmets must be on those little heads anytime my kids are going to be on a bicycle, scooter, skateboard, skates, sleds, or skis.

7- Hand washing will be a house rule, before eating, after using the bathroom, or sneezing without a tissue.

8- We will practice a family fire drill, test our smoke alarms monthly, and make sure we know how to use a fire extinguisher.

9- We'll get outside and play every day, even if it means stomping in puddles.

10- No matter how much they beg, I won't let my children have a TV in their bedroom.

I am never good at making and keeping resolutions for a new year. I thought these ideas sounded easy and a good thing to work on for the year. Many of these things we already do, but I am going to pledge to make them all a priority to help keep my kids safe!

Take the Parents Pledge (here is a link to the actual article.)