Friday, November 9, 2012

November 9 Can Only Mean One Thing......Happy Birthday to You!

In honor of my dear husband's birthday today, I wrote a post just about him!  He is 33 years old and we met when he was barely 17!  So, I have officially known him longer than I haven't known him!  We have had the best 17 years!  He is a wonderful husband and the best dad to our 4 children.  Happy birthday, Kel!  And a little disclaimer......I wrote this post several years ago for our anniversary but I added some new ones! 

1. Kelly was born in Salt Lake City
2. He also lived in St. George and Texas
3. When Kelly was a little boy, he wandered out of his front yard and was found and returned by the police.
4. Kelly broke his leg playing soccer.
5. Kelly played football in High School. He was numbers 81 and 33.
6. His first job was working at Rite Aid
7. Kelly served his mission in Quito Ecuador.
8. He still uses his Spanish everyday.
9. He doesn't like olives.
10. Kelly's new found hobby is fishing.
11. He often dreams about is adventures at work, which means I end up being the victim as my arm gets thrown back and put into imaginary handcuffs!
12. Kelly loves the ocean.
13. One of his favorite bands is U2.
14. Kelly loves cucumbers and vinegar.
15. Like most men, he loves some good old video game playing time.
16. He is always willing to help someone in need.
17. He loves his job as a police officer.
18. Kelly can’t sit still for too long. He loves to be doing anything that involves running, jumping, or chasing.
19. Kelly can fix just about everything!
20. Kelly played the trumpet in elementary school.
21. He and his brother saved a girl from drowning.
22. Kelly has a weak stomach and nearly fainted in all 4 of our childrens' births.
23. He has a knack for carving things out of food. He once made a jeep out of pumpkin pie, a car out of carrot cake, and an alligator out of butter.
24. He also loves to build things. He built a cabin out of Popsicle sticks. It came with a covered porch and a chair.
25. One of his favorite classes in High School was pottery. I guess you could say he loves to make art out of anything!
26. One of Kelly’s favorite card games is phase 10.
27. He once painted my brother’s bedroom to earn money to take me to prom.
28. In High School he drove two different pick up trucks. A yellow Toyota, which often times would break down every 3 miles or so and we would have to sit there for about 15 minutes to start again. He also drove a red Isuzu.
29. Kelly loves to play organized sports.  He just finished up his second season of softball and is entering his 3rd season of basketball.
30. Kelly had a dog named Sheppy.
31. He is the 4Th out of 5 children.
32. One of his favorite snacks is beef jerky.
33. Kelly is very competitive at anything he does.
34. Kelly can’t use an ordinary cereal bowl. Most of the time he will use a small mixing bowl to eat    from. He likes his bowl to be big and deep!
35. If possible, he would have orange juice come out of the faucet!
36. A couple of his favorite shows are Modern Family and The Walking Dead.
37. Kelly loves his milk to be ice cold!  I have to remember to check the freezer when the milk isn't in the fridge!
38. Kelly’s favorite rides at Disneyland are Tower of Terror and Soaring Over California.
39. One of Kelly’s favorite books is To Kill A Mockingbird.
40. Once Kelly saved a bird that had fallen from a tree and named him Pete.
41. Kelly’s first trip on an airplane was when he went on his mission.
42. Kelly tickles harder than anyone! I swear he could crack a rib!
43. Kelly’s first name is Darwin. He is named after his maternal grandfather.
44. He has a scar on his chin from a big wheel accident.
45. He is the easiest going person I could ever know.
46. He was in gymnastics.
47. Another favorite class in High School was photography.
48. Kelly’s grandma did the Heimlich on him to remove a piece of candy.
49. Kelly’s idea of the perfect outfit is a t-shirt and shorts.
50. His nickname at work his “Z.”

Thursday, November 8, 2012


It is November!  I had intended on posting "thankful" posts starting on November 1st, but I got a little behind! 

This is what I am thankful for!  Knowing that we have prophets and apostles who are continually leading and lifting us.  Brightening our hope and expecting us to do our part.  What good is life if we just give up?  There is so much to live for!  There is always something good we can do with our time. 
   I choose to put my trust in Jeffrey R Holland, who even he himself, a mouthpiece of the Lord, said "There is help and happiness ahead.....It will be all right in the end.  Trust God and believe in good things to come."