Monday, February 27, 2012

Just Randomness!

I just have some random pictures to share! 

Katelyn and Jace are usually pretty good buds.  Since they are the only ones home all day, they get to spend a lot of time together!  It will be a bit strange when Kate starts kindergarten and it will just be me and Jace.  Still have 1 1/2 years for that! 

I had to share these pictures of Jace.  He is looking so grown up!  He is almost ready to be 2!  Only 4 more weeks!

Last night's treat was pineapple smoothies!  So yummy! 

Notice there is no Connor!  He hightailed it as soon as Kelly started cutting up the pineapple!
He has an aversion to any sort of fruit.  Still working on getting over that!

Kelly our smoothie maker! 

Sunday is always a fun day for things like this.  We had smoothies and popcorn and watched The Amazing Race.  Perfect night!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Carson's New Look

Carson has a new look!  What do you think?
(okay, two new looks if you count the missing tooth!)
Several weeks ago, there was an eye exam at school.  I didn't think much about it until I got a letter from the district nurse.  The letter basically explained that Carson did not pass the vision screening!

So, I made an appointment with the eye doctor.  Luckily, they had an opening and we didn't have to wait too long. 

They eye doctor confirmed that yes, he would need glasses.  He was pretty excited about it. Well, until we got to the eye glass store.  After he tried on several pair, he got a real discouraged look on his face.  He said to me, "Mom, I don't look good in any of them."  I reassured him that he did look ever so handsome!

After that day, he asked every morning and every afternoon, if the people had called to tell us that his glasses were ready.  Finally after two weeks, they were ready to be picked up!

He is pretty excited about them now.  I just hope that I don't have to add, "where are your glasses?" to the already long morning checklist! 

You look great, Cars!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Love Day!

Yesterday was Valentine's Day!  I like Valentine's Day.  I look forward to getting little goodies for the kids and I of course look forward to my traditional chocolate covered strawberries from Kelly!  Yum! 

Monday night we spent the evening making preparations for the boys' class parties.
We did the brownies for their teachers.  I found the "Shooting For Brownie Points" from a cute blog.
We also tied 50+ friendship bracelets for their classmates.  Making that many bracelets ended up being a lot of work for mom because the boys don't quite know how to braid!  But it was fun and it brought back memories of me making them when I was younger!  And I should give some credit to Kelly, he was a big help too!

The kids were excited to wake up to their balloons and valentines from mom and dad.  I did forget to get a picture of the boys before they left for school.  Ooops!

After school was out and the kids rummaged through their valentines, Kelly and I went out on a date!  We went to dinner and a movie with some friends and we had a great time. Connor babysat (with the help and supervision of Grandma) and we came home to all the children in their jammies.  Connor and Carson also managed to change Jace's diaper!  What a surprise!

When Christmas was over and we were putting away the many decorations, Katelyn asked me what decorations we could put out next.  It dawned on my that the only decoration I had for Valentine's Day was heart shaped door hanger.  So, during the last several weeks I was determined to add to my collection!

The conversation hearts came from The Wood Connection.  Love that place!  And the easiest craft project one can do is a printable!  I got this one from Pinterest.  You just upload it to your computer and send it to your favorite photo lab.  Find a frame and voila, you have a cute craft!

Thanks to my Kohl's Cash, I picked up this cute heart shape wreath!

And my new obsession is Groopdealz.  That is where this cute "Love" banner came from!

So that was how we celebrated and decorated for Valentine's Day! Next up is St. Patrick's Day and I know I don't have any decorations for that!  There may be a trip to The Wood Connection in my future!