Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fun Fall!

The weather this fall has been absolutely wonderful!  A couple of weeks ago, we took one last drive up to Silver Lake.  Unfortunately, we missed most of the fall colors, but it was still a beautiful night!

It is crazy to think that just a couple of weeks earlier, those bare trees were vibrantly yellow!

A walk around Silver Lake isn't complete without climbing on some rocks!

Good thing this shot is kind of far away because Carson's face doesn't exactly scream "I love putting my arm around my sister!"  He wasn't all that excited when I told him to give Katelyn a hug!

I absolutely love perfect evenings like this one!  Wish this weather would last forever!
Another fall activity we had was a birthday party to celebrate my grandmother's 84th birthday.  Her birthday is October 25th and surprisingly this was the first year we had a "Halloween" themed party.  Everyone came in costume and it was a lot fun!


We had some yummy soup and played some games for the kids.

Justin and his family were owls.  Phoebe makes a pretty cute owl!

Tyson and his family were animals!

Josh's family was an assortment of things......vampires, Dorothy, 80's girl, and Rapunzel.  Oh and Josh taped Butterfinger candies to himself and called him a "U of U Wide Receiver,"  because they have had some troubles in that area this year!  And Rachel was a "Smarty Pants."  She had Smarties taped to her pants.

We were also an assortment of characters. Zombie, Clown, Ninja, 50's girls and 50's boy!  Kelly dug his High School Letterman's jacket out and the kids were surprised it still fit him!

Love this picture! Grandma Davis and 12 of her 15 great grand kids!  Wish the others hadn't missed out.
Happy birthday to my sweet grandmother!  Love her so much.  I was so happy to have celebrated with her. : )
Next up is Halloween!  Can't believe the end of October is here!