Sunday, July 15, 2012

Johanson Family Reunion.....Lava Hot Springs!

This last weekend we had a family reunion in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. 
What a fun time we had!

We got up there on Friday afternoon and checked into the "Little Blue House."  Which was a cute, little, 2 bedroom house.  It was in a perfect location.  Close to the pools and the river.  It was also perfect because the house was part of a hotel which also included some hot pools.  It was awesome!

We had a great time swimming in the 6 different warm pools around our hotel.  We also spent some of Friday, floating down the river, playing at the city pool and going out for ice cream.

Saturday was the day of our reunion.  It was held at a nice park in town. 

The kids enjoyed the playground.

And more tubing!

On Saturday we rented a tube for the entire day!  We sure got our moneys worth!  I think we took about 20 trips down the river all together.

After a little bit of rain, we went back over to the city pool.  Here is a picture of little Jace swimming.  This boy LOVES to swim. I know I have said this about all of my kids over the years, but Jace could be our youngest!  He is getting pretty darn good at kicking his legs and moving his arms. He is definitely pretty fearless in the pool! 

Katelyn jumped off the high dive!

She had some spectators in awe!  She has been wanting to try the high dive for a while.  At the pool near our house, you have to be 8 years old.  At this pool, you just had to be able to swim 12 feet.

This also came in handy for Carson because he was able to jump off the platforms.  It was extra cool because they let you jump two at a time!  So he and daddy didn't waste too much time before they were off!

(Love Jace's head in these shots?!) I love my little dare devils!  Three of my children definitely take after their daddy.  And there is one who is a little more like his mommy!

We had such a fun weekend.  Spending time with our family and relatives.  As we drove out of the city and made our way home, Kelly and I talked about all the fun things we did.  He said that he knew our kids would remember this trip forever!  I love being able to take my family places and to make new memories for them!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Stewart Falls

Last month we hiked Stewart Falls, up Provo Canyon.

Luckily, we happened to see our neighbor leaving the trail head as we were beginning.  She saved our lives by letting us use her backpack!  Looking back, I don't know how we would have survived dragging Jace up the mountain!


Such a beautiful view!

And lots of butterflies!

Once we got to the falls not only were they beautiful, but the mist felt so good! 

I am pretty sure Kelly would have kept climbing if I hadn't told him that was far enough!

What a fun family outing!  This was the first real hike I had been on in years. It was fun to go somewhere I had never been to.  It was a bit long for the Kate and we had to stop a quite a bit for her.  It was a great hike and we all enjoyed it!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Some of June......

Several weeks ago, we got together with my brother, mom, and my grandma and went to the Tracy Aviary.  I hadn't been there since elementary school.  It had changed quite a bit!

Don't you love the boys and their shaggy hair?  They got it cut after the aviary.  Wish I would've gotten an after shot!

Grandma and Grandma Great!

After the aviary we hung around Liberty Park for a picnic.

And to play in the water!

We also get together once a month for Sunday dinner. June's dinner was held up in Farmington at a park near Justin's house. 

Anna and baby Phoebe.  Phoebe tends to be the life of the party!  Most of the kids just can't get enough of her!

Josh and Rachel.  I thought this was a cute picture of them!

So that was the first part of June.  Next up Stewart Falls hike!