Friday, April 13, 2012

We Love Basketball!

This guy has been hanging out in the garage for, oh let see, two years now! Our landscaping budget finally had room to get cement and get the court done.  Let me be the first to say that we have some pretty happy boys around here! Including some pretty excited brothers and brothers-in-law!

On Monday, the big pump truck arrived and got all set up.

They positioned the pump with a joy stick!  It was like the man was playing a video game or something. I had never seen anything like it!


I was watching my nephews this particular morning.  The kids were so excited and sat on the porch to watch!  To be honest, I had as much fun watching as they did!

Soon after that the cement truck arrived and the fun began!

We had to wait three long days before we could set up the hoop. 


Yesterday, Kelly and his friend got it up and it was such a happy day.  It had been rainy all day, but thankfully there was a break in the weather!

We love it!  Kelly and the boys have been enjoying their time so far!  In fact, they are at it right now!

I have a feeling, many a basketball game will be played out there!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

What a wonderful day yesterday was!   We had the opportunity to celebrate our Savior's great love for us.  Church was so nice, I enjoyed reflecting on the atonement and the resurrection.  What a blessing it is to know that we too can be resurrected and given eternal life one day!
We had a happy Easter!
Here are some pictures of our good day. : )

The kids in their new Sunday clothes.  Kate got her own picture because you couldn't see her pretty dress with the boys standing in front of her! 

After church we had an egg hunt.  Jace opened the eggs he found and ate the candy as he went.  The other kids were running all over the yard gathering eggs and he just stood there eating!

I was so happy that yesterday was such a beautiful day and that we could do the egg hunt outside.  You never know what kind of weather we'll have for Easter!

Going through their loot!  The kids also got some other candy (of course!) and some goggles in their baskets when they woke up.  They were excited about that.  Now they are chomping at the bit to go swimming to try them out!

It was such a nice and relaxing day.  We had celebrated Easter with my side of the family the week before and are celebrating with Kelly's family next week.  So, we had a pretty quiet day!  My brother and his family did come over for dessert later in the evening and that was a good time too!

I love holidays and getting together and creating memories for our kids!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jace is 2......I Can't Believe it

Sometimes I don't think it is quite fair how fast time goes!  My little baby boy is two!  Well, to be honest, I am a little bit excited that he is getting older.  I just keep telling myself, the older he gets, the easier he will be.  We will see if this proves to be true! : )

Opening presents! 

Jace's new hoop! 
Yes, Katelyn is topless in the background.  I don't remember why she took her shirt off! 

Jace has a love for balls.  All kinds!  Soccer, baseball, football, basketball!  To add to his collection of balls, we got him a basketball hoop for his room.  Of course, he loves it!  Yesterday he didn't want to lay down for his nap because all he wanted was to "shoot!"

His birthday was on Wednesday, which ended up being a busy night with other events, so we saved his cake for later. We finished celebrating on Sunday.  My brothers and their families and my grandparents came over and so we had cake when everyone was here.  I thought his lion cake turned out pretty cute!

 I have never seen a kid so excited to be sung to!  He was grinning from ear to ear!

So happy happy birthday to our dear Jace!  It is definitely always an adventure with him around! He takes after his big brother Carson and is also very fearless!  He loves to swim, go to the park, play outside and play ball. He loves his big brothers and sister.  He is very polite and says please and thank you for everything!  He also loves to read books and sing songs.

Happy Birthday!  We love you Jacey Boy!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Las Vegas and Carson's #7

After our fun time in Disneyland, we made a stop in Vegas! 

It is nice having family there and having a reason to stop.  Friday was spent having a bbq, going to the park, and having a movie/game night.  The kids love seeing their cousins!

Saturday, the 24th, we celebrated Carson's birthday.  We knew that we would be spending much of his actual birthday (the next day) driving home, so we did some fun things the day before.

We went down to The Strip, which I must say, is always an interesting experience!  We went to The World of Coca Cola.  It has changed from the last time I was there. Which was actually some time ago.  But you can still try different flavors of Coke products from all around the world.  Carson had fun taste testing!  There were some pretty nasty flavors!

Later that evening, we went to Chuck-E-Cheese for dinner.  Carson had a fun time, as did the rest of the kids.  That place was absolutely NUTS!  But it seemed to be a good choice for a birthday celebration.

It is always fun to celebrate something special with people we don't get to see too often.  This was no exception!  We were glad we could share Carson's birthday with Uncle Jim and his family!

 Presents!  Carson got some new clothes and some toys (and a trip to Disneyland :) ).  For weeks he has been asking for a jump rope and so that is one thing he got.  He loves it!  And he is pretty darn good at it!

Notice the cake?  Emily only had numbers 6 and 1 candles.  So we got creative and added a plus sign in between the two!  I thought it was clever. : )

Happy Birthday to Carson!  He is such a good kid!  He loves to play any sport and he loves to play with his friends.  He loves to try new things and he is a fast learner.  He makes his mom and dad very proud!  Love you Cars!