Saturday, February 26, 2011

Whew.....a New Post!

I am well overdue for a new post! I suppose I have had a case of bloggers block! That and I finally got around to charging my camera so I could upload photos. Not that I have anything real exciting to share, but it is time to write something.

Things around here are same old same old. School, dance, Jr. Jazz, wrestling (yep, Carson just signed up for wrestling,) and the usual things like dentist and doctor appointments have filled our time the past several weeks.

We have managed to have some fun family outings. A couple of weeks ago we took Trax downtown and visited the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Art museum. They have a brand new exhibit which includes a great hands on area for children. It kept my kids entertained for a long time! It is always fun to take the train downtown. I even got to meet some interesting characters on our train ride! Whenever you ride Trax, you usually see a few odd ducks?!

Here are some pictures of the kids. Jace is nearly 1 year! I can't believe it. He is officially walking and he gets busier by the minute. Seriously, if he isn't pulling things out of the pantry, he is pulling things out the drawers. If he isn't splashing in the toilet, he is climbing on top of the toy box. This boy doesn't slow down! Which makes for a tired Mama! Sometimes at the end of the day, I wonder to myself why I feel so tired. Then I quickly remind myself of the days activities which always include chasing this little character!

We also discovered a new place called Airborne Trampoline Arena (thanks to Citydeals!) Of course the kids, (when I say kids, I mean Kelly too!) had a great time and it wore them right out. I managed to have my camera so I took some pictures.

This place is wall to wall trampolines! They have a large foam pit to jump into. You can play dodge ball. They even have a miniature foam pit and jumping area for littler kids. We all had a great time.

So that is my update! Until next time.......