Thursday, November 13, 2008

Birthday, Bike Rides, and a Big Mess...

For Kelly's birthday he got to go to the Monday night football game, Arizona Cardinals vs the 49ers. He had such a fun time with his buddy, Freeman! Here are some pictures of his evening out.

Kelly and Freeman at their tailgate party. There were several other people they work with at the game, so they all hung out together before it started.

This picture is of Kurt Warner, Arizona's QB, being interviewed by Emmitt Smith and Steve Young. This was Kelly's closest encounter to "famous people!"

Our kids favorite activity, as of late, is going on bike rides. Now that it is cooler, it is a lot more enjoyable to ride our bikes.

This is Katelyn's first time in the bike trailor. She had a pretty good time!

My kitchen does not always look like this. Just when I am cooking 12 dinners all at the same time. I joined 5 other friends in making freezer meals. Each month we decide on two different meals and make them six times. Then we meet together and exchange our meals. So, we end up with an assortment of 12 meals that are frozen and ready to cook.

It was quite the ordeal the first time around. I did not plan very well and I ended up shopping and cooking all the same day. I don't recommend it. But, now I know what to do for next month.

After a long day of cooking and mess making, this is what my finished project looked like. Today was our exchange day. Now I have pizza, soup, enchiladas, quesadillas, stuffed shells, chicken pillows, and cheesy potato casserole in my freezer!

This is how everything looks when it is all said and done! It feels so good knowing I have dinner for 12 nights all ready to go. I don't have to plan a menu and shop for it all, at least for a couple more weeks! Wish me luck in my new endeavor!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Good News...and Bad News....

Our very good friends, the Wrights, are moving to Iowa in a couple of weeks. We are not happy one bit! I was talking to Connor about Kutter moving away and this how the conversation went:

Mom: "Connor, Kutter will be moving soon."
Connor: "Well, not if his dad doesn't get a new job."
Mom: "His dad did get a new job."
Connor: "He, did?" (said in the saddest tone you have ever heard)
Mom: "They are moving to Iowa."
Connor: "Mom, there is some good news and some bad news."
Mom: "What is the bad news?" (I always want the bad news first.)
Connor: "The good news is Kutter gave me something to remember him that I put in my special box. The bad news is, I am really going to miss Kutter."

Okay, I just got teary eyed writing this. How are we ever going to get through the saying goodbye part? We love you Wrights and will miss you ever so much!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Birthday to You!

Today is Kelly’s 29th birthday! I already posted 50 things to know about him for our anniversary. So, I am stealing this from my friend Sara’s blog. I hope you don’t mind Sara! I needed something to post for his birthday and I thought this was fun! Here goes Birthday Boy!

How long did you date? We started dating at the beginning of our junior year of High school. We were married 4 months after he returned from his mission.

How long have you been married? 7 years.

What does he do that surprises you? He can make dinner and entertain the kiddos at the same time without complaining about it. Complete opposite of me!

What is your favorite feature of his? This sounds weird, but I love his hair after it has been cut. He is extra attractive to me after a fresh haircut.

What is your favorite quality of his? This is hard because there are so many qualities that I love. One of my favorites is how he will be himself no matter what. He doesn’t even think twice about what someone might think of him. So many times he has to remind me not to worry about what anyone else thinks. I constantly worry if I think I have hurt someone’s feelings or if someone will be offended if I do or say something a certain way. He is great a just not worrying about those types of things. He is equally good at showing people the same respect. He respects people's oppinions and thoughts just the same.

Does he have a nickname for you? Meggie or Meg

What is his favorite color? He doesn’t have one. Really, he likes them all!

What is his favorite food? The easier question is what isn’t his favorite food? The only thing he won’t touch is olives. Anything else tastes like heaven to him! He will eat anything that is given to him.

What is his favorite sport? Kelly is very athletic and competitive. He loves to watch and play anything, but his favorites are football and basketball.

When and where was your first kiss? He gave me a quick peck on the cheek after our first date as we were standing on his doorstep. There was a second date a couple of days later and that is when we had a real kiss!

Do you have any children? 3 crazy, busy, wonderful kids!

Does he have any hidden talents? Kelly can fix anything and put anything together. He is also crafty and artsy!

How old is he? 29.

Who said I love you first? He did.

What is his favorite type of music? He likes anything but country.

Do you think he will read this? Yes, he reads my blog when I tell him that there is something new on it.

Happy birthday to a wonderful husband, father, and friend!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween, Max Black Cat Zierse, & Megan Gets Crafty!

Here are our Halloween pictures! We had a fun time trick-or-treating this year. Kelly was able to get the day off. It was nice because this was the first time in 4 years that he didn't have to work on Halloween! The kids enjoyed the festivities but were tired and ready to be done around 7:00, which surprised me a little. Carson knew his part well. He would knock on the door, give the right command, scrunch up his little face, and then in his best pirate voice say,"Arrgh, Lady (matey)." Here are some pictures of our little spooks!

Meet the newest member of the family. This is Max or Black Cat. We don't know for sure what the name is yet! Carson calls him Black Cat and Connor calls him Max. However, Carson gets upset when he is called Max. As of right now his name is Max Black Cat Zierse! He is a cute and cuddly little kitty. He isn't quite sure of Sadie yet. Actually, Sadie is a little more scared of the cat than the cat of Sadie! Carson is always looking out for his kitten. He makes sure he has food and water. He also gets him a blankie and he even shared his Popsicle with him! Hopefully the novelty of taking care of a kitten doesn't wear off too soon!

My friend had a craft day at her house last weekend and I made this lovely Christmas topiary. It turned out very cute and I have even made a second one since. I am blessed to have some very talented crafters in my ward and with their help, I am trying to follow along! I have made some other really fun things for my house in the past couple of weeks. Thanks friends!