Monday, November 10, 2008

Good News...and Bad News....

Our very good friends, the Wrights, are moving to Iowa in a couple of weeks. We are not happy one bit! I was talking to Connor about Kutter moving away and this how the conversation went:

Mom: "Connor, Kutter will be moving soon."
Connor: "Well, not if his dad doesn't get a new job."
Mom: "His dad did get a new job."
Connor: "He, did?" (said in the saddest tone you have ever heard)
Mom: "They are moving to Iowa."
Connor: "Mom, there is some good news and some bad news."
Mom: "What is the bad news?" (I always want the bad news first.)
Connor: "The good news is Kutter gave me something to remember him that I put in my special box. The bad news is, I am really going to miss Kutter."

Okay, I just got teary eyed writing this. How are we ever going to get through the saying goodbye part? We love you Wrights and will miss you ever so much!


Barnes Family said...

I know I've been thinking about Kutter and Conner.. It's so sad because they are such great friends.
Goodbye's really just suck big.. At least you guys have Utah in common so you can plan to meet up there sometimes.
I don't know it sucks.. But it's so cute that Kutter gave Conner something special to remember him by. Sweet little boys.

Marisa said...

That's so cute! I love conversations like that when my children show that they have an understanding beyond their years.

To answer your question ... a lot of what I do I actually freeze ... but, since I've been wanting to freeze some meals before the baby comes, I think I'll do a feature on freezer meals. Thanks for the suggestion!

Oh, and no luck on the names ... we have two that we were deciding between and then chose one; only to have a hard time actually thinking or saying the name. So, I fear this baby will be nameless for weeks after she's born!

Diane said...

We've certainly said our share of goodbyes...and it's never easy! Sweet conversation!

Tina said...

that is so sweet. Goodbyes are never easy.

The Karafa Family said...

Oh no! I hadn't heard they were moving! I love Kutter in Primary and he always talks about his friend "Tonner". Maybe your boys can come over and play if they get lonely!

Darice said...

That conversation is so, so sweet and sad at the same time! Those two really love each other and it was so fun to watch them together!

The Wright's said...

Okay I finally got on and read your blog and now I wish I didn't. I am sobbing right now, (which you know does not happen very often, so I am glad Ryan is at the store). I have been trying to be tough but we are all heartbroken. We will miss you all so much!!!

Here is how I see it....

Tutter and Tonner...Best Buds Forever!
Payton and Carson...betrothed!
Katelyn and Maggie..bonded for life!
Megan and Tifany...BFF's!