Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jace is 2......I Can't Believe it

Sometimes I don't think it is quite fair how fast time goes!  My little baby boy is two!  Well, to be honest, I am a little bit excited that he is getting older.  I just keep telling myself, the older he gets, the easier he will be.  We will see if this proves to be true! : )

Opening presents! 

Jace's new hoop! 
Yes, Katelyn is topless in the background.  I don't remember why she took her shirt off! 

Jace has a love for balls.  All kinds!  Soccer, baseball, football, basketball!  To add to his collection of balls, we got him a basketball hoop for his room.  Of course, he loves it!  Yesterday he didn't want to lay down for his nap because all he wanted was to "shoot!"

His birthday was on Wednesday, which ended up being a busy night with other events, so we saved his cake for later. We finished celebrating on Sunday.  My brothers and their families and my grandparents came over and so we had cake when everyone was here.  I thought his lion cake turned out pretty cute!

 I have never seen a kid so excited to be sung to!  He was grinning from ear to ear!

So happy happy birthday to our dear Jace!  It is definitely always an adventure with him around! He takes after his big brother Carson and is also very fearless!  He loves to swim, go to the park, play outside and play ball. He loves his big brothers and sister.  He is very polite and says please and thank you for everything!  He also loves to read books and sing songs.

Happy Birthday!  We love you Jacey Boy!


Frank, Heidi and Family said...

What a cutie! Seems like it was a great day and a great gift idea! Happy B-day Jace!

Angela said...

Aww! He does look excited to blow out his candles. :)

Melissa said...

Happy birthday Jace - he is adorable and definitely fearless!

Tia said...

I can't believe he's 2. What a fun day he had! And what a cool cake!