Monday, February 27, 2012

Just Randomness!

I just have some random pictures to share! 

Katelyn and Jace are usually pretty good buds.  Since they are the only ones home all day, they get to spend a lot of time together!  It will be a bit strange when Kate starts kindergarten and it will just be me and Jace.  Still have 1 1/2 years for that! 

I had to share these pictures of Jace.  He is looking so grown up!  He is almost ready to be 2!  Only 4 more weeks!

Last night's treat was pineapple smoothies!  So yummy! 

Notice there is no Connor!  He hightailed it as soon as Kelly started cutting up the pineapple!
He has an aversion to any sort of fruit.  Still working on getting over that!

Kelly our smoothie maker! 

Sunday is always a fun day for things like this.  We had smoothies and popcorn and watched The Amazing Race.  Perfect night!

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