Friday, March 2, 2012

Finally.......A Sledding Day!

We are only a few weeks away from Spring and Winter finally made an appearance! 

We had a couple of decent storms over the last couple of days and that means that the kiddos can go sledding!

Katelyn woke up this morning and put her snow gear on first thing!  The only bad part was she had to wait until daddy woke up.........7 hours later!

She patiently waited and only asked a half dozen times when dad would wake up. : ) 

Here are a few pictures of the sledders!

I am so glad that Kelly loves to be out there with the kids!  He is much more adventurous than me!

Katelyn lasted so long in the snow!  I couldn't believe she was out there for nearly 2 hours! She loved it!

That is Kate at the very bottom of the hill, all you can see of her is a speck of pink from her coat!   I didn't think her sled was going to stop!

We live in a great location for sledding.  And I must say that the view is great too! 

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