Sunday, October 5, 2008

This Weeks Happenings.....

A few nights ago, I was watching a football game and the boys decided they wanted to play a little football too. They got their football out and started their own little scrimmage. Carson found a roll of packaging tape and used that for his tee. He would set the ball in it and kick it across the room. Connor got into his position and would call out "blue 42, set, hike." Then he would toss the ball to Carson. They were having such a grand old time running around, laughing, and tackling one another. Carson even tackled his 50 pound brother a few times. It was hilarious!

Carson got a little wounded during the match up! Here he is with a rug burn down his face.

Connor has PE a few times a week at school and was doing his exercises last night. He showed me his push ups and his jumping jacks. He asked me what some other exercises were so I showed him how to do sit ups. As he was doing them he told me, "Mom this is why we have hinges." He would do about five, stand up, and flex his arms. Each time he would tell me that his muscles just got a bit bigger! He was pretty excited and said he was going to show his PE teacher his new exercises.

Earlier in the week Katelyn had her 1 year well check. She is growing so big! She weighs just over 24 pounds and is 30 inches tall. She also endured 4 shots! Her big brother Carson was very concerned for her. After the shots were over he turned to me with all seriousness and said, "Mom, now Katelyn has holes." He was pretty sweet to her afterwards.

Katelyn has mastered the skill of climbing up the stairs. She is so quick. She usually makes it up all the way before we realize she has wandered off. The other day I found her upstairs reading some books. It was pretty cute.

Yesterday was a big day for Connor. He had his very first t-ball game! Kelly is helping our friend Ryan coach our boys. It is pretty fun watching the excitement in their eyes as they get their mitts ready, their cleats on, and head to practice. Oh and yes, even Connor and Kutter get pretty excited! Their first game was a success! They had so much fun and looked all grown up in their t-ball uniform.

Connor getting ready for game time!

The team had a couple of extra t-shirts so Carson was lucky to have gotten one too. Of course he had to wear the shirt to the game.

Our future cheerleader! Katelyn enjoyed clapping for her brother. Whenever someone clapped she too would give a little cheer!


The Wright's said...

Go Mariners!!

Katelyn must want to grow up to be a cheerleader like her mom. LOL

I love the pictures of Connor CUTE!! Maybe he could do a few extra for me.

Grandma Hand said...

The kids are so cute and Conner is so ALL BOY just like his dad. You are wonderful parents just like we have been instructed in conference great memories and its great to know that you are enjoying the moments now. I love the pictures.

Darice said...

Connor is so sweet! I love the picture of he and Carson doing push-ups!! I LOVE to watch your kids play together and take care of each other!!

Tina said...

Love the pics! your boys are awesome. You will never be bored with your kids always wanting to play, wrestle and be sporty! Good for you. Its funner when you're busy!

Anonymous said...

Your kids are SO cute! They are growing up so fast. I love that you post cute things about what they say and do. It makes my day to read them.

Robyn said...

I just can't get over how much your boys look like Kelly! Cute, fun kids.

Pincock Ohana said...

Katelyn is growing up so fast! She is just getting more adorable. I love the pic of Connor exercising.

Kimberly said...

Oh, my boys would have so much fun with yours!

The pictures of the sit ups and the baseball were so cute! Gosh, your little cheerleader is getting so big!