Wednesday, August 12, 2009

1st Grade!

Connor started 1st grade last week!
I got up early and made him a special "first day of school breakfast!"

This is out of order, but here he is in his new classroom.

My handsome little man! Of course, little sister had to be by his side. Every morning when we drop him off, she asks where Connor is. She loves her big brother!

So far his first week has gone really well. He likes his teacher and has some friends from last year in his class. It is crazy how much more work there is in 1st grade than Kindergarten. On Friday he has his first spelling test!

Hope you have a great year buddy!


SuAnn McFadden said...

I can't believe how grown up he looks. I love his first-day-of school outfit (I've always had a thing for plaid). Good job with the special breakfast too!

Rachel said...

Kids grow up so fast. Next thing you know he'll be graduating! Cute pictures, too.

Angela said...

I agree, I love plaid!
What fun, I know I'm ready for school to start again!

Lyenna said...

I can't believe school is starting already. It feels like we just started summer. Connor looks so good, and very mature;)

pzierse said...

The years will all run together time goes so fast. I am so glad you have this blog so we can be apart of it. Love ya

Grandma Hand said...

It is so great when the kids play together so cute. It was fun to be with you out to Lyenna's and watch the kids with their ENDLESS ENERGY. You and Kelly are such cute parents and play with the kids and are involved in everything that they do. Love ya Lots!!!!!

Kelley Rae said...

He is just a mini replica of Kelly I swear! How crazy that you have a 1st grader!