Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Little.........Off Track!

Last week was the first week of being off track from school. Because our kids are always asking if we can do something fun (they are so like their mother and never want to stay home,) we decided to take advantage of the beautiful fall weather and take a drive to the Zoo.

It was a little late in the afternoon and the outing had potential to be a disaster. However, it was quite the opposite. It was one of those times when you think that your kids are pretty perfect! No one whined, complained, fought, cried (well with the exception of Carson falling and skinning his knee because he was watching where he was going!) It was just a great family experience! But don't let me fool you, this great behavior can't last forever!

Katelyn looking in on the monkeys.

We also had a chance to see Zuri, the baby elephant. So sweet!

So I already mentioned how the kids were perfect : ). Well, so was the weather. Such a pleasant evening! Also, the scenery was so beautiful. I had never been to the zoo in the fall and the leaves were absolutely amazing.

I wish I had a better lens for this shot. It was a little eerie having this tiger staring at us, even with the cage separating us!

Ah, so sweet!

What a fun night at the zoo!

Another activity this week was going swimming.

Jace is proving to follow in his siblings footsteps and loves the pool! We just might have another swimmer on our hands!

So that's that! Fun times are to continue as we drive South to spend Halloween in Phoenix!

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Angela said...

Fun times! We haven't been to the zoo in ages, we'll have to go back.