Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kate Gets Earrings!

The closer Katelyn got to turning three, the more I began to wonder if she would be in diapers indefinitely! She had absolutely no desire to give potty training a try.

Her third birthday came and went and Kate was still in diapers.

Finally I just decided that I would try again, with full force! I might not have any hair left and my other kids would probably want to stay far away, but nevertheless, I was going to try. It was two days of crying and whining and fighting, but after those two days, it was a sinch! She did so well, minimal accidents and she also stays dry at night! So, I am convinced, the older the child, the easier it is (at least in Kate's case!)

To celebrate her success, and no more diaper duty for Katelyn, she got her ears pierced.

For the first few days she would just stare at her new ears. She loves her earrings!

Since I am on the subject of Katelyn, I thought I would throw in these two super cute pictures of her!


Tia said...

I want Ryker to be potty trained! I'm not pushing it though. And he is now 3, so I guess it's time to start. Those pics of Kate are so cute!

Angela said...

Congratulations to Kate! For being potty trained and for her cute pierced ears. :)

Jim & Emily said...

Just so you know I had to surgically remove the lost earring from my foot. I will live after all. :)

Pincock Ohana said...

Very cute! I was wanting to get my daughter's ears pierced now but I can't stand to see her cry and be in pain at the age she is now. So I'll probably wait a little longer.