Thursday, June 30, 2011


Last weekend we took a little camping trip with our friends. We went up Big Cottonwood Canyon to the Spruces campground. What a fun time we had!

S'Mores! I don't think we were there an hour before Carson was requesting S'Mores.

A muddy face and a marshmallow! Perfect combo!

On Saturday we took a drive up to Silver Lake.

The dads and kids did some fishing.

We also had cousin Ellie with us!

Looking at worms!

Katelyn and her best buds (even you Tia!)

What is camping without a little dirt?!

Some of us hiked up to Donut Falls. I couldn't believe the snow that is still up there!

The only way to keep this kid contained was to give him something to eat! He sure had his share of Cheetos and cookies!

Katelyn, all tuckered out!

Our yummy Catalina Chicken and potatoes!

I love to camp and as much work as it is, it is so worth it! We had such a great time with our friends and made so many memories!


Tia said...

Aww. What fun pictures! I didn't even get any pictures of me with my camera!
It was a great weekend. :)

Jen said...

nothing beats a family camping trip with dirt and smores!

The Harding Hive said...

The Spruces is one of my absolute favorite places on this earth. Great pics.

And p.s. Tell my girl that I miss her.