Monday, September 26, 2011


This month is a month of birthdays in our family. Cousins, aunt, uncle, sister, and Great Grandpa!

We recently celebrated Grandpa Zierse's 90th birthday!

Lots of his family and friends came by to wish him a happy birthday. It just happened that the party was on the day of the Utah vs BYU football game. Since there are fans of both teams in the family, the room was decorated appropriately! Notice the table in this picture has BYU written with blue tape.

Lots of visiting!

Jace was on present patrol!

Katelyn (no need to mention what table she sat at!)

Bill (Kelly's dad,) Lyenna (Kelly's sister,) Grandpa Zierse, and Kelly.

Grandpa Zierse is from Holland and so the wife of Kelly's cousin made this lovely cake of a windmill and a field of tulips. It was so sweet!

Grandpa and the cake!

Kelly's grandpa loves BYU and when we saw these BYU pillow pets, we had to get him one (it was hard for me to pass up the Utah pillow pet for this one, but I figured since it was for a sweet 90 year old man, it would be okay!) He loved it and wanted his picture with it.

A few days later, we celebrated Kate's birthday. Of course she wanted a princess cake.

She also got princess bubbles and a princess purse.

Mommy and Jace enjoying the party!

And she got her very first bike. She loves to ride her bike!

We had a good time celebrating this month!

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Tia said...

Looks like fun parties! Grandpa Zierse is just too cute!