Monday, May 7, 2012

FFFN......Friday Family Fun Night!

Kelly took last Friday off and we decided to take Trax downtown!  My kids love Trax and since the whole family can ride for free with Kelly's work ID, it works out great!

So we decided to walk around Temple Square and admire the beauty!  It was a wonderful night for an activity like this!

One of my favorite things to do on a lovely Spring evening is go to Temple Square.  I just love to take in all of the beautiful things around the temple.

 Kelly and I have been doing this for such a long time now.  It first started when we were first married and living in a condo right behind the Conference Center.  We would often take a nice stroll around the temple grounds.  I love how it has become a tradition for our family to keep doing this!

I especially love the flowers!  They are all so pretty!

Kelly of course has to pretend to throw at least one child in the fountain!

Kate and more pretty flowers!

I love this picture and it isn't because I look so awesome in it ; ) but because I love what has become of our family.  Almost 11 years ago Kelly and I stood on these very steps in our wedding clothes, celebrating our new life together.  And here we stood again, yes a little bit older, but with a family that we love so much!

I would like to think that I know the first thing about taking good pictures, I really don't, but I had fun pretending that I do!  And I have to say that I love that I figured out how to make my pictures bigger in my posts!

This picture was taken by Connor! I was off at the bathroom with Kate and you can see Kelly on the phone in the background.  They boys wanted to take pictures of each other!  They got some pretty silly ones!  This being one of them!

I just really can't get enough of all the flowers.  So beautiful!  I wish I could pick all the flower beds up and move them to my yard!  I am always in heaven when I look at all the gardens here.

Can you tell the kids were so happy to take yet another picture! 
They were pretty good sports about letting mom take so many pictures!

Not sure what these are but I love them!  Anyone know what they are?

After Temple Square we went to City Creek for some ice cream and to let the kids play in the play area.

We had a pretty good time.  And I didn't realize how many pictures I actually took until I started posting this! It was a perfect night with perfect weather and perfect compnay. I love our family tradition!


Angela said...

Those are nice pictures, Temple Square is a great place to visit. :)

Amy said...

All of those flowers are gorgeous! What a fun night to spend with family.

Tia said...

I'm right with you there on the flower beds. I'd love to have them in my yard!

Tia said...

And yay for bigger pictures!

Jason and Melanie Fida said...

Megan those are GREAT pictures! What an adorable family!