Monday, August 20, 2012

Forgotten Days of Summer!

I was looking through pictures and I had forgotten to post about some of our other adventures this summer. 

First off, my good friend Tifany, whom I met in AZ, came for a visit.  I am so glad her parents live real close to me because it guarantees at least a couple of nights of fun with her!

This year I was blessed to spend three glorious days with her.  We went out to dinner and shopping, we got the kids together at the McDonald's Play Land, and she came over to our house for a BBQ.
It is always fun to see her and her family!

"Tutter and Tonnor!"  It is hard to believe these two became pals when they were in preschool!  Back when they couldn't say their "C" or "K" sounds.  I think they will always be known as Tutter and Tonnor instead of Kutter and Connor!

And then there were these two!  Payton and Carson were such great friends!  Tif and I promised that we would arrange their marriage to each other! 

It is crazy how fast time goes.  Maggie was just a baby when the Wrights moved to Iowa!  So glad our kids still enjoy their yearly visit too!

We also made a visit to Silver Lake and attempted the hike above Silver Lake (which leads to a lake above, and it seems that I have forgotten its name!)


I say "attempted" because this is pretty much as far as we got.  The kids where fighting with one another, whining over just about everything, and complaining non stop!

We managed to get a picture of the gorgeous view, and then I couldn't take it any longer!  And we turned around and headed back.

Isn't the view of Silver Lake below so pretty?!

We also made a second trip to Lava Hot Springs.  This time we went with some of Kelly's family. 
We had a great time.  We stayed for two nights. We rented this perfect house for all of us to fit in and spent a day floating the river and a day playing at the pool.  Even great grandpa, who is nearly 91, floated down the river!  We had 3 rafts so we all went at the same time.  I was sad I couldn't have gotten a picture of Grandpa floating down!

After Lava, we drove up to Rexburg for the rest of the week.  I went to education week with my mom and aunt, which was wonderful.  Then we did some of the traditional things we do when we go to Rexburg.  And unfortunately, my camera was on the fritz and half of these pictures are blurry, but they will have to do!

Like the St. Anthony parade.

And a stop at Aunt Betty's for a swing in her tree!

And a shot of the Snake River which runs right behind her house! And apparently, a shot of Jace's belly!

And a glimpse of the Tetons, which unfortunately, it was cloudy this day and you can barely see the tiny tips of the mountains in the background.  Usually the view is much better than this!

 And a stop at the St. Anthony Sand Bar.

We also drive around the town and check out the house where my mom grew up and the house my grandparents lived in.  This time we made an extra stop to the farm that my grandpa had.  Here are my mom and her sister in front of their old barn.  It is always fun to drive around and do the things that my mom and her family did as she grew up!  And to hear them reminisce and talk about "remember so and so....."

So, that pretty much sums up the rest of summer.  I can't believe that the kids go back to school in one week!  We do have one last circle BBQ and some pool days planned for the final week of summer vacation!  It has been a fun and busy summer!

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Melissa said...

Megan, your family is so cute. Time goes so fast! Glad you had a fun summer.