Monday, September 24, 2012

Kate Turns 5!

Our Little Miss Kate turned 5 last Wednesday.  Can't believe it!

It is hard to believe that she is already 5!  Seems like yesterday that I was in disbelief that we would be having a baby girl!  I have sure loved having a little girl!

Katelyn woke up and opened her presents from mom and dad.

She got some new clothes, new earrings, and a Sleeping Beauty doll.

Unfortunately, we had a day of a million activities, so when scouts, soccer, football, and some other obligations were over, we finally had cake and ice cream!

The following day we had a birthday party for her.  She had lots of her friends and cousins to help her celebrate!
We played "Musical Chairs."

Ryker was the winner!

We had a bean bag toss.  It was a Mickey Mouse theme, and Kelly made a Mickey Mouse bean bag board!

We played "Pin the Mickey Ears on Katelyn."

Instead of "Hot Potato," we played "Hot Mickey and Minnie."

We opened presents!

We decorated Mickey shaped sugar cookies!

And ate ice cream cones!
We had such a fun time celebrating Kate's big day!  She has been so happy to finally be 5!  She has asked more than once if she is still 5.  And she knows that next year she gets to go to Kindergarten!
Here are some tidbits about our 5 year old:
Loves to go to dance and preschool
Loves to play with her friends
Loves Princesses
Still loves mustard sandwiches
Loves to swim
Loves to dress up
Happy Birthday Miss Katelyn!

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The Harding Hive said...

Megan, she is SO beautiful! She really is. And I think that is hilarious that she loves mustard sandwiches.