Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fun So Far!!

I thought I would write a quick update of how our trip is going so far. We are having a fun time up north! We have been spending lots of time with grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, and cousins. I will post some pictures shortly, but here are some things that we have been doing.

-Last Saturday, Kelly took the kids swimming at the Kearns Oquirrh Park Fitness Center. They have some really fun pools for the kids. They also have a really fun pool for bigger kids and adults who like to dive. At this fitness center, they have an Olympic sized diving pool. It is equipped with spring boards as well as platform diving boards. Kelly loves to jump from the 30 foot platform. He says it gives him butterflies every time. Connor and Carson jumped off the low dive and then Carson spotted the high dive and insisted that he try it out. I thought for sure that he would climb to the top and turn back around to come down. This was not the case! He climbed up, walked to the edge, and jumped right off! The other spectators were amazed! They would say to their older children, "if that little kid can do it, you can." It was funny. He did this a couple of times and then wanted to graduate to the lowest platform, which is 15 feet. Kelly told him next time he might be able to try that one! I think I will not be present for the next visit to the pool.

-We have had lots of time playing with cousins! We have played at parks, in the sprinklers, slip and slides, and much more!

-My kids enjoyed their first night at the park for fireworks. A local city was having their annual festival which included food, games, rides, entertainment, and fireworks. One of the highlights was a Beatles impersonation group called "Imagine." It was so good! The kids (my kids and my brothers kids) all clapped and danced and tried to sing a long. At one point, Carson kept singing "yellow submarine, yellow submarine....." over and over. This band played for two hours and they played during the fireworks which was really cool! We had a great time.

-Last night we took my boys to the Mayan, which is Mexican restaurant. The inside makes you think you are in a ride at Disneyland or in a movie, like Indiana Jones. In fact, Connor was convinced that it was Indiana Jones and kept pressing on the stone wall to see if one would open to a secret hiding place. They also have cliff divers that put on a few shows while you dine. It was fun and Connor and Carson had a great time. After we ate Carson asked if it was time to go on the ride! I had to explain that there were no rides, and he was a little disappointed!

So that is a little bit of what is going on so far. We have lots more planned! We will keep you posted!


Robyn said...

Sounds like fun! I was excited that I ran into you at the park the other day!

tifertoes said...

Sounds like you guys are having a great time. We sure miss you down here. Seems like you have been gone forever already and you just barely left. Dang it!! Tell Connor hi from Kutter and that he misses his best bud!!

Bridgette J said...

Glad you guys are having a good time. Don't get too attached to those cooler temps. We miss you down here. Have a safe trip.

Tina said...

It is so fun to spend time with family. Since living far away from my sis, we try to just cram in as much fun as possible while we are together. Our kids love each other. Keep having a blast and tell the fam hi from us. Yes, we live in the same state but the last time I saw Patti was at the temple...that was a few months ago.