Wednesday, May 27, 2009

You Know What's Fun?

Carson had this to say the other night:

"You know what is fun? Makutu's Island. Do you know what is funner? Disneyland. Do you know what is awesome? Magoon (Lagoon.) Do you know what is really awesome? Camping. Do you know what is really more awesome? Grandma's house!"
I totally agree buddy!
We can't wait for our yearly summer trip to Salt Lake! Grandma's house is really more awesome! any and all grandparents who read this, grandma's house also includes grandpa!


Rachel said...

We like it when you come to Grandma's house, too. We're looking forward to it.

Lyenna said...

I totally missed this post. That picture makes Carson look sooooo big and old. What is happening to our little ones? I can't wait for the this weekend and when you come up here too. Love you guys!