Sunday, April 4, 2010

Goings On.....

Here are some things that are happening around here!

No, this picture isn't from our visit at Christmas. This week has been one for strange weather. It was no April Fools joke when we woke to snow on Thursday. Lucky for the kids, we have a great sledding hill behind our house.

Katelyn looking cute in her snow hat!

Our little baby Jace. He is such a precious little boy!

We are also in the process of finishing our basement. It has been fun to see the progress.

Only a few more weeks to go!

So, that is some of the excitement at our home!


Angela said...

I'm not used to seeing pictures of your kids in the snow. Katelyn sure looks cute in her hat. :)

Kelley Rae said...

I didn't realize you'd found a house in SLC already. That's great you found something so quick. Where is it?