Monday, March 28, 2011

1 Year Later.....

Today is March 28, 2011. That can only mean one thing. Jace is 1 today!

I have to say that the last year went by so fast! I know I say that with every child, but seriously, Jace's first year was the quickest ever!

It is hard to believe that exactly one year ago today, I was getting ready to deliver this beautiful baby boy!

Little did I know that he was going to be a little ball of fire!

Before I delivered, we talked about how he probably wouldn't have red hair like his sister. But I remember Kelly coming in after they bathed him and he announced "he definitely has red hair!" We couldn't believe it. Two redheads!

As a newborn, Jace was more than pleasant. He was my best eater and my best sleeper. That all changed as soon as he got teeth and learned to be mobile!

(Doesn't this picture just make you long for summer?!)

Just like his older siblings, Jace loves to be tickled and tossed around by Daddy!

He also likes to torment the cat!

There is never a shortage of messes wherever Jace has been!

He is our first of four children who can empty all the drawers and cupboards in the blink of an eye! (no kidding at all!)

Our little one year old can say "Ma-Ma," "Da-Da," "Go," and "Down." It is exciting to see him start talking and becoming a little person!

Yesterday we celebrated his first birthday. Always fun to watch them dive into their first birthday cake!

Happy Birthday Jacey Boy, Jace-a-bud, Monkey, and Little Monster!

We love you!


Tia said...

That year did go by fast! I remember seeing you walk around pregnant, and then bringing you dinner after he was born. Happy Birthday to Jace!

Frank, Heidi and Family said...

Happy birthday Jace! I really can't believe you've been here more than a year either. Crazy! You have a great family.

Melissa said...

What a cutie, love the pictures! I know a pediatrician who used to say that it's a blessing they're so busy and active...and not just staring at the wall kind of kids. He's definitely a big boy, getting into all kinds of things and healthy. No dull moments, right?

Jen said...

he looks like his sister! so cute~