Saturday, March 19, 2011

Her First Crack At It!

Katelyn is well, lets just face it, she is shy. She is friendly to those she chooses to be friendly to, which usually only includes Mom and Dad at first, until she warms up! When she is having a "moment", she often hides her face, chews on her shirt, or puts her fingers in her mouth.

I decided to sign Katelyn up for the Baby Silhouettes dance clinic. I thought that any extra activity to help her come out of her shell could be beneficial. Of course I thought having someone familiar with her would help, so her cousin Keira came along too!

When she woke up yesterday, she asked to put curlers in her hair, and when it was time, I put some pretty makeup on her. She kept going in the bathroom to "look at myself one more time!" We went to the performance and she was so cute. I feared she would just stand there, once again with her shirt or her fingers in her mouth. She actually did the dance! I was so proud!

Here are some pictures of her big night!

So, our seats were at the very top and I don't have a fancy lense for my camera. You can barely see Kate thanks to her white bow. She is in the back just left of center.

So, that was a little taste of what it will be like for her spring concert in a couple of months. Hopefully it goes just as well!


Amy said...

She is so cute!! I love having her in my primary class. She is so much fun to have around.

Angela said...

So cute. I'm glad Keira could go too. I hope it helped her have more fun. :)

Amannda Ashby said...

How fun for her to be dancing! Your kids area so cute. Maybe one of these days we can get some people together and got to a park. It would be fun to talk with everyone.