Wednesday, January 18, 2012


There is no question how much I love this little boy........

And there is no denying that his cute and happy moments make it possible to survive his not so cute an happy moments!

 If you didn't know already, well, Jace is a handful!  You can see by the wound on his eye that he is always up to something!
He keeps me running (sometimes sprinting) all day long! If he isn't climbing on the counter, then he is making his way up the pantry. If he isn't standing in the fridge looking for a "nack," then he is sitting in the bathroom sink with water filling to the rim! Seriously, it is one thing after the other with this boy.

As of late, he completely despises going to sleep.  Getting him down at nap time and bedtime are downright miserable!  I probably have a few bald spots from the frustration it causes!

But no matter what, I would never trade him or the crazy adventures for anything!  It is because of moments like this picture, that make me smile. Those moments have a way of making me forget all the rough times of the day! 

Underneath the tantrums and the climbing and the bathroom floods, he is a sweet and lovable little guy!  He loves his "Nonors" (Connor and Carson) and he loves his mom and dad.  He loves to swim and loves to play football, and basketball, and soccer, well anything that involves a ball!

He is my little firecracker and I love him so much!

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