Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Rest of December!

I am finally posting about Christmas!  Better late than never, I suppose!

We had a great Christmas.  Having it on Sunday made it extra special.  I love Christmas and getting things for the kids and other loved ones, but I have to admit, I am a little relieved when it is over!  I find myself stressing about everything right up until the big day.  I check and recheck my lists, making sure everyone has all the appropriate things.  I have to make sure that I remember where I hid everything.  I am always afraid I am going to leave something out!  So, I always feel a little less overwhelmed when it is all said and done.  Nevertheless, I love the holiday and spending the day with our family.

Usually I like to get a picture of the kids on the stairs before we let them in the family room, but Kelly took the lead this year and opened the door before I was ready!  Oh, well.  You can just imagine the sleepy yet excited faces all lined up on the staircase!

Katelyn wanted two things, a Cinderella baby and lipstick!  She was so happy to have gotten her doll and she didn't let it out of her sight all day (except for when I made her leave it in the car while we went into church!)

This was the best I could do for a family picture with them all in their pretty clothes.  Once we came home from church, taking a photo was the last thing they wanted to do!

And my personal Christmas favorite is this......breakfast!
Our breakfast casserole (otherwise known as "Special Breakfast,") ambrosia, and cinnamon toast.  YUM! 

And we couldn't end the month without this little sweetie!  We had a new baby enter the family.  Phoebe made her debut on December 29 (only a week late!)  She is so precious and we are so glad that our year ended with her!

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Tia said...

Looks like a perfect Christmas to me! I'm a slacker and haven't even posted about Christmas yet, and it was over a month ago!
Little Phoebe is adorable! Congrats to the happy parents!