Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sum..... Sum...... Summertime!

School has been back in session for nearly a week!  It is so crazy to me.  I am still in denial.  Sunday evening came along and all of a sudden I remembered that there was school the next day.  I love the predictability of school.  It starts and ends at the same time.  We have the same after school routines.  Homework, chores, a quick play with friends, dinner and then evening activities such as scouts, sports, dance, church meetings.  It is pretty much the same thing each day.

But, I do miss the ease of summer vacation and I feel that it came to an end awfully quick!  No more lazy mornings or spending a few hours at the pool.  No more last minute game nights with friends!  It makes me a bit sad. 

I wanted to compile a list of what we did this summer so I could remember how we spent those glorious summer days and nights!

We went camping......3 times
We went swimming......I lost track at how often we were at the pool!
We went to Lagoon
We went to a Bees game
We went hiking......4 times
We went to Seven Peaks......5 or 6 times
We had a weekly play group with our neighbors
We had dinner in the canyon
We went on Trek (Megan and Kelly).....4 days of it!
We roasted S'mores in our fire pit.......more than once!
We spent a weekend in Park City
We had family BBQ's......several of them!
We had late nights spent playing games with our friends...... an endless amount!

It was a good summer.  I think it was well spent.  We didn't go on a vacation because we took one over spring break earlier in the year.  But I think we made good use of the fun things around us.  My kids love the pool.  Packing a lunch and spending the afternoon at the pool with their friends is just fine with them!

So, it has come to an end.  But with fall comes more fun traditions......FOOTBALL for one!  The kids are gearing up for their fall sports and I always enjoy that too.  So on to new things!  Hopefully I can be better at blogging about our next adventures!

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Frank, Heidi and Family said...

I think you did it perfect, the kids will remember the family vacations but they will definitely remember just the traditional things like the night games, the pool, and BBQ's.
It's definitely sad to see summer end.