Wednesday, September 4, 2013

July: Fun Times With the Zierses

In July, Kelly's brother came for a visit from Las Vegas.  We had a good time visiting, playing, and spending time with each other.
Baby Sydney had her blessing.  We all gathered for dinner afterwards!

 We were all together!  It doesn't happen all too often. 
 The ladies!
The gentlemen!

One of the activities we did was go to Lagoon.  This was one of those occasions that we weren't all together.  Some had to work and some were sick.  The beginning of the week a nasty bug was floating around the family.  Luckily, it passed us and our kids, but others weren't so fortunate!

This was the group that made it to Lagoon. Even some of the adults weren't feeling all that awesome.  But we all plugged along for the sake of the children! They loved it!
Along with Lagoon and the blessing, we had girl's night, which is always a highlight.  The men golfed. We played games.  Kelly's parents had their annual "grandma and grandpa night."  This is when all the grand kids come and eat dinner, have activities, and sleep over at grandma and grandpa's!  They always look forward to this night.
We had a fun visit and spending time with our family!


Angela said...

It was a fun week. I'm glad to see you got my pictures. :)

Frank, Heidi and Family said...

Looks super fun. Looks like a wonderful way to spend the time with family.