Thursday, October 10, 2013

5th, 3rd, K, and Preschool!

School has been in progress for well over a month now!  Coming up on 2 months actually.  We have been busy with our fall activities such as dance, flag football, soccer, tball.  Not to mention our other regular things like homework, scouts, and church meetings!  But it has been a good couple of months being back in the swing of things! 

So far the kids are all doing really well.  We recently had their first SEP conferences and their teachers all had good things to say about them.  In the days leading up to conferences, I always wonder what their teachers will have to say to us. Will it be good?  Will they say my kids are terrors or angels?  Luckily, their reports were all good!

Connor is doing really well in the 5th grade.  His teacher has him in an enrichment group.  Which means he is doing a little bit harder work and doing some extra projects to keep him busy.  He loves math! (he did not get that from me! And he is always happy to help his little brother with his math homework!)
Carson's teacher said she just loves him.  He isn't at the top of the class as far as test scores go but he is a happy and positive student and she is grateful for having such an easy going kid in her class. She said he is nice and helpful to everyone!  He loves art!

Katelyn's teacher also said how happy she is to have Kate in her class.  She listens and follows directions and she is a smart little cookie!

And then Jace.....I was really nervous to put him in preschool.  He can be wild and all over the place and sometimes he doesn't like to share or be nice.  So I wondered how he would be.  Would he be nice to other kids?  Would he tire his teacher out? His preschool teacher is our neighbor and she hasn't had anything but great things to say about Jace.  Whew! It is nice to know he is good and pleasant for others. : )
Hopefully the year continues to go well for our kids!


Frank, Heidi and Family said...

Your kids are great. We are so lucky to have them around. Isn't it nice to know, despite how our children are at home, they are great for others? :)

Anonymous said...

good look