Saturday, March 29, 2008

Your Gonna Miss This........

Kelly's cousins recently did a post about a song by the country music artist, Trace Adkins. It is called "You're Going To Miss This." It inspired me to write down some things that I will miss as my kids grow up.

- Connor, Carson, and Daddy playing "The Buzz Game" at the park. Connor is Buzz, Carson is Woody, Daddy is Zurg, Sadie (the dog) is Bullseye. Mommy doesn't get to play because I just sit (according to Connor!)

- Connor and Carson climbing up on the counter to help with whatever I am cooking.

- Carson dragging his blanket, flip flops, and sunglasses wherever we go. Also, when I can finally get his blanket away from him to wash, he has to check the washer/dryer every 5 minutes to make sure it is still in there!

- Connor praying for Katelyn to grow up and be a mommy and blessing Heavenly Father.

- Carson refusing to wear any polo or button down shirt during the week because those are only "nursery shirts."

- When Connor tells people, in a very proud voice, "My dad is the police."

- The way Katelyn's whole face lights up when she smiles.

- When Carson crawls in bed with me in the morning and asks for juice and to watch the "Batyardidans" (Backyardigans.)

- When Katelyn grabs on for dear life to your cheeks or neck and grins from ear to ear. Especially when her nails need to be clipped!

- When I tell Carson he is handsome and he says,"no, you hamsome, mom!"

- When Connor will quietly play forever with a paper clip and shampoo bottle (or whatever else he can find to turn into something!)

- When Carson says amen at the end of every book.

- When Connor watches TV with Mommy and Daddy and asks what everything means. Example, watching Survivor, "Mom what does immunity mean, what does exile mean, etc."

- After the kids are tucked in for bed, Carson coming down to say he needs "two more tisses."

- When Connor and Carson crawl around on the floor playing doggies. They even talk to each other as if they were dogs. "Ruff Ruff, do you want a chocolate bone doggie?"

- When Connor tells daddy that he loves him 1000%.

Time surely goes by too fast! It often feels like the infant stage of eating and waking at all hours of night will never go away, but before you know it your oldest will be in kindergarten and the rest are right behind him! I hope that I will always remember these fun times I share with my family!


Kimberly and Devon said...

I am so glad you were inspired to write down a few of your favorite things that you are "gonna miss" when your kids are older. I loved the "two more tisses" and the fact that mom doesn't get to play because you just "sit" there--that is totally me too! Your kids are so cute...I loved reading your moments!

By the way, you need to get Jim and Emily to start a blog. I love that I have been able to reconnect with you and Kelly and would love it if I could do the same with them...they are totally missing out! Love you guys!

Diane said...

What cute memories! You will be so glad you have them recorded so you WILL remember them! Thanks for sharing. These lists have a way of making me get teary eyed. It's probably because they are written by people I care so much about. We love you guys!

Grandma Hand said...

These moments are so fleeting and I can't believe that Connor is old enough to go to school. What a cute family and we really need to get Jim and Emily to start posting this does connect us as a family.