Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Little Fish!

Some of you know that my boys are quite the swimmers. They love the water and show no fear when in the pool. We have a membership to Lifetime Fitness. The kids love to go swimming and the pools there are perfect for them. They have the beach entry, which is great for little kids. They also have a little slide and fountain type things. The pool isn't terribly deep and Connor can touch pretty much everywhere. Carson can go down the slide and touch at the bottom. This makes it nice because he can go down the slide and I don't have to wait to catch him over and over again!

We went swimming yesterday and Kelly took the boys into the deeper part and was trying to teach them how to swim down to the bottom and touch his feet. Well, this turned into the kids teaching themselves to do flips. It was quite amusing! Seeing little Carson doing a flip in the water was kind of impressive! I figured that Kelly had just started flipping them and taught them to do it themselves. I had no idea that they did it on their own. I thought it was pretty cool.

Katelyn has begun to love the pool as well. She isn't quite doing flips with daddy, but she loves to sit in the shallow part and splash. She also gets a kick out of watching other kids play in the water. She has a pretty cute bathing suit too! It is nice to live in a climate where swimming is easily accessible.
We love it!

By the way, Carson was pretty much done with taking pictures. I kept taking them over and over, trying to get one where everyone was looking at the camera. By this point, in a very impatient tone, he was just saying, "CHEEEEEESE!"


Grandma Hand said...

How fun to see the kids and Kelly swimming in the pool or should I say wading. It's hard to believe you can be swimming and we are freezing. This is so much fun for me to see the kids as they grow. Keep posting pictures I really love them.

Kimberly and Devon said...

I can't believe they are doing flips...that would have been really fun to watch! Too bad we don't live closer, our kids are little fish too...they have NO fear of the water! We went to the pool the other day and then I came home and talked to Robyn and she told me they were expecting snow. I am so glad we can go swimming all year round and don't have to worry about snow! I don't know what I would do if we couldn't go outside and play.

Tina said...

how I wish it was warm enough here to swim!!! My sisters kids are the exact same way...FISH. But they have a pool in their backyard so that is what they do all summer long.
As far as the red hair goes, my great great grandma on grandpa Roush's side had red hair. But it sure skips generations because no other cousin has it, and neither do my kids. But that is awesome your little girl does. She is going to be a babe! hehehe I wish my girls had red hair!

Diane said...

How fun to be able to swim all year long! We may be able to swim in the backyard soon if it doesn't stop raining! Sure do love you guys!

SuAnn McFadden said...

Kate is a rose among thorns (just kidding, your boys--including Kelly--are very handsome.) I am so glad your kids love to swim. I grew up spending my summers swimming--in the Snake River. Making sure your kids know how to swim is a very important thing--of course you know how I feel about that.