Friday, April 4, 2008

My 28 years!

As my 28th birthday fast approaches, I thought I would write a post about some of my earliest and favorite memories. There isn't anything spectacular about turning 28, besides being two years away from 30! I have just been thinking about all the good times life has afforded me and thought I would share some of them with you!

First of all, one of my earliest memories was when I was 2. I was with my mom and oldest brother, Justin. We were going to K-Mart to birthday shop for my brother Josh. In 1982, seat belt wearing wasn't terribly advocated. I remember standing in between the driver and passenger seat. The next part, thankfully, I don't remember. We were hit head on by a drunk driver. The only other thing I remember was a lot of bright lights and people frantically moving about. Gratefully, we were all okay. The man who hit us lost his life. I can't even imagine letting my kids stand in the front of the car!

On a happier note, another early memory was when I was 3 and my youngest brother was born. All I remember was getting my hands washed so that I could see my baby brother!

I have a lot of memories of friends and neighbors. Some of my first friends in the neighborhood were Sarah and Lori Larsen and Kathy Castro. We had many a sleepover, girls camp adventures, boy talk, and other girly escapades! My mom has told me that I was always able to make friends easily. Friends were very important to me. Probably because I didn't have sisters to gossip with or to share clothes with! I was very lucky to have had many good friends in my life!

Family vacations! My family was very fortunate to have seen many great places. From amusement parks to historical sites and from big cities to national parks, I have seen a lot of things. I have been to 27 states and two countries (if going to Tijuana for a couple of hours counts!)

Watching my brothers play soccer all the way through their senior year of High school.

Dancing! I danced for 20 years! I still have my jazz shoes just in case I am lucky enough to use them again!

Having Grandparents! I have been fortunate to have known 2 grandmas, a grandpa, and a great grandma. I have so many memories of having them in my life!

High school. Mostly the meeting and dating of Kelly!

Being able to wait for Kelly while he served a mission. Running to the mailbox everyday to check for a letter and putting a sticker on his countdown chart!

Getting married to my High school sweetheart!

Having children! There is something so wonderful in seeing this person that has been inside you for 9 (sometimes very long months!)

Being able to continue my favorite memories with my own kids. Vacations, friends, sports, Grandparents,etc.

My life is full of memories! I could go on and on! I look forward to my kids having similar experiences in their life!


SuAnn McFadden said...

What a trip down memory lane that was! I'm glad you have happy memories of your childhood. I hope we provided you with lots of fun adventures & experiences. Funny that you would mention historical places that we visited--you hated anything related to history (unless there was shopping attached to it). We did have a lot of fun traveling, didn't we? We put a lot of miles on the old Astro Van. I'm glad you are helping your kids make happy memories too.

Justin said...

One of my early memories involves a K-Mart as well. It was either the day you were born or within a couple days after. Grandma and Grandpa were watching Josh and me. Josh somehow got loose and darted into the parking lot. It is one of the only times I remember Grandpa being mad.

RobynandJoe said...

What a scary car accident story! Happy Birthday! My mom has always said that 28 is the perfect age...I'll be there in a few months!

Diane said...

Oh, I must tell you that this birthday is a VERY important one... you are about to turn the "ideal age". You can remain that age now if you'd like.

I also have to say that I highly recommend marrying your high school sweetheart!

This was a fun post. Thanks for sharing some of your memories with us. We love you.