Monday, April 7, 2008

Enjoying These Days!

We only have a handful of days with pleasant weather. In a few short weeks, we will be headed for triple digits! We have decided that since the weather is still bearable, we will try and make the most of it!

This past weekend we found this wonderful park in Scottsdale. It is called McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park. This park was so fun! It had a huge playground that was covered with a nice canopy. There were a lot of grassy areas with benches and tables. The kids had a great time at a playground designed like an old western scene. It had a jail, saloon, bank, grocery store, and other play ground equipment. Kelly even had a trail of little boys chasing him around. As one little boy was leaving, he said to his mom, "that is a fun dad!" I had to smile! Kelly is a fun dad!

This park also had a carousel and train that you could ride. Katelyn enjoyed some firsts. She had her first carousel and train ride. She also loved her first time in a swing!

At the end of it all we had fun sitting on a bench and having an ice cream cone. The kids did not want to leave. They were having such a fun time! This will definitely be one of our favorite spots! Kelly and I love to discover new things to do in this large valley! The next time we have visitors, we will probably have to take them here!

Katelyn loving the swing!

Having an ice cream cone!

Katelyn taking a lunch break!

Connor and Carson playing on the old western scene.

The boys waiting for the train to start. All aboard!

Katelyn just being cute!

The boys loved this slide. It had rollers on it that made it extra fun!

Carson loving the swing too! Who doesn't love the swing?

Katelyn's first time in a swing!

Ready for the carousel!

Daddy and Baby Kate on her first carousel ride!

Connor and Carson put in jail!

The boys having a good time on the playground!


The Carney Family said...

I'm so jealous that you guys went! We should make a trip out there soon and have a picnic. What a great example Kelly is to other kids on how dad's are supposed to be. That's awesome.

Kimberly and Devon said...

I can't imagine having the weather reach triple digits!!! Good thing you have access to a pool! Also, Happy Birthday...2 more years until you're 30 (like me!)...Yikes! Just kidding, you'll always look young!

SuAnn McFadden said...

You can tell that the kids really had a good time that day. What a great place to take a family. I wish I could've been there to share it with you--but it's nice to have the pictures to see how much fun you had.

Diane said...

You took some great pictures of your family! You guys are doing such a good job as parents...keep it up!!!

P.S. I told Patti she needs to get on with the blog thing. We'll keep our fingers crossed.

Kimberly and Devon said...

I just saw your comment on my blog and thought I would tell you that I just take pictures of my old pictures to post on my blog. Since I don't have a scanner it's the next best thing. Try it's fun to post old stuff!

The Carney Family said...

(In reply to your comments...) I loved your comment about the SWIKE team, to funny. I'm glad you like the Moulin Rouge soundtrack too. Freeman was all, "let's take that off our playlist..." I really like Ewan McGregor's singing in it. I'm excited to babysit Katelyn. I've been baby hungry(for a girl :) so maybe I'll get my quick fix. Have a great 28th birthday!

Grandma Hand said...

Love the pictures. The boys are so much like their dad and love adventure and Baby Kate is right in there HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM US!

I can't imagine how wonderful the weather is down there. Love you.

Alinde said...

Oh how fun! What cute pictures you got! Your kids are really so beautiful! Love ya

Crowther said...

Well we are waiting for the weather here to hit the 70's. I guess we are on the opposite ends of the spectrum eh. Your kids are getting big. It's kind of crazy how time flys. hope you guys enjoy the weather before it gets too hot;)