Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Recent Zierse Pics!

There isn't too much to report from us. Kelly has been so busy with work from the minute he returned! Because of this, I have been feeling a little frazzled and a bit worn out! I have managed to take some pictures and thought I would share them with you! Enjoy!

Katelyn isn't officially crawling yet. She does the scooting thing right now. She manages to get where she wants to just fine! Here she is entering the kitchen.

Connor and Katelyn before church. Kelly's hand is in the way because he was trying to get her to laugh. I wanted to get some pictures of Kate in her new dress. That was one of my most recent clearance finds! I love to find a bargain on clothes!

Dad and Carson are playing in the pool. I know you are all thinking that you have seen enough of my kids in the pool. It's just that this is one form of entertainment that we know best! Sorry, this probably isn't the last of them!

Here is Connor taking a dip! We went to my cousin's house for Memorial Day. They just finished their great backyard and were kind enough to invite us to join in the fun.

Carson and Katelyn!

Our kids love watermelon. Here they are enjoying a their sweet snack!

Carson and Connor are usually this happy together. However, you wouldn't believe how they looked just moments before this. Today was one of those days when they weren't being "Best Buds." They were arguing over just about anything and everything this afternoon!

Kelly had his first SWAT training since his surgery. He came home and unloaded this great big bag full of SWAT gear. The kids had a lot of fun trying on Kelly's stuff.

Carson was about to tip over because this vest weighs a ton! I had to prop him up from behind. They are fascinated with Daddy's work stuff.


Whitney said...

I am so glad that you left a comment on my blog. I love blogging because you get to be in touch with old friends. Your kids are so cute. Yeah I love having a little girl. She is so much fun and such a good baby. It is a little bit of an adjustment to have 2 kids, but it is fun. We need to keep in touch!!!

Tina said...

cute pictures! Its so nice that we can see you even though you live far away. Thanks for the web address. I have looked into it and am considering it. Thanks so much!

sarabosen said...

Hey Megan! Your kids are so cute!!! I can't believe you have three already!! We still don't have any. Just Mandy, but it looks like you have a yellow Mandy too?? I'm so glad you posted a comment on Whitney's blog so that I could find you again! I'll have to keep tabs on you now.

RobynandJoe said...

Cute pics! I love water pictures...keep posting them!

Kimberly said...

I don't think I've ever seen anyone dive into a watermelon like that. Is it starting to really heat up there now?

Grandma Hand said...

Oh such cute pictures and I am so glad that they like the watermelon. I don't think that there is anything quite as refreshing. I am also happy that the kids are learning water safety as well as swimming.