Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Quirks Tag!

A fellow blogger tagged me recently. So, I will try my best at narrowing down my answers! I am supposed to list six quirks about me. I am pretty sure I have more than six, but here goes!

1. I have a definite system when it comes to loading the dishwasher. Everything has its place. Bowls, plates, cups, silverware, you name it; it has to go in the right location. It even has to face a certain way. I appreciate it so much when my husband will take the time to do the dishes. It is especially helpful when he does it without being asked. This being said, if I open the dishwasher and the baby spoons are in with the spatulas or other serving utensils, I will surely get things in their proper order!

2. To go along with my dish problem, I can’t stand it when bottle nipples or sippy cut lids get mixed up. All lids and nipples must remain with their original cup or bottle! Kelly will often purpously mix them up just to see if I can handle it!

3. Recently I was converted to the wonderful world of Fantasy Football! I have always been a fan of college football. The NFL however, was something I could live without. Well, one exception has been for the Super Bowl because my family always has amazing food. Anyway, this football season, our friends Freeman and Tiffany recruited us to be in their Fantasy Football league, and I must say that I am addicted! Kelly actually had to be the one to turn off the game and tell me it was time to get ready for church!

4. I often agonize if I think I have possibly offended someone. If I say something (which always turns out to be nothing) I will worry my little head off! I tend to fret about it for days. I will keep myself awake at night, replaying the conversation in my head. I often wish I either didn’t say anything at all, or hope whatever dumb thing I did say never crossed their mind.

5. My kid’s pajamas have to go together. It drives me crazy when they wear the bottoms of one jammy to the top of another. I put them together in their drawer for a reason!

6. I have to eat dessert with a spoon. I don’t know what it is, but it just feels weird to eat a piece of cake or anything of that nature with a fork! If Kelly dishes up dessert and he gets a fork, I have to go back and trade it for a spoon. Weird, I know!

Okay, there it is folks. I hope that wasn’t too much torture for you! I tag: Darice, Kim, and Tina. Or any of my buddies who haven't had a turn yet!


Kelley Rae said...

i love the dishwashing thing, my sippies have to match their lid too. As silly as it is I fret over conversations too, and you're right because it is usually nothing!

Kimberly said...

I feel the same way about pj's...however, when Devon dresses the kids for bed their clothes hardly ever match. I just have to close my eyes and pretend I didn't see it.

Darice said...

My brain is racing already do I really need to limit it to six? That might be hard! Fun to know these little quirks about you!

In The Beginning said...

So fun! I love reading others blogs and getting to know them. I have the same problem with thinking I might have offended someone. That's the worst replaying it over and over... too funny.

The Karafa Family said...

You are so good! The Pj's at our house only maych 75% of the time. I'm the same way about offending someone. I hacked into my sister's email last week to delete an email in hindsight I thought might upset her!

Angela said...

You're definitely not alone on number 4. 2 and 5 sound a lot like me too. So does number 1 actually, I have to get used to this new dishwasher and it's driving me nuts trying to find a "spot" for everything.
So much for your "quirks" it looks like you think just like all the rest of us mom's! :)