Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yay For Season Premieres!

So, it is no secret that I enjoy a little television. I get so excited for the season premieres of my favorite shows. I thought I would pay a little tribute to some of my most anticipated shows!

Who is ready for a little Dr. McDreamy? I couldn't decide which picture to use, so I picked all 3!

Because so many years of my life were spent dancing, I love any show that has anything to do with dance. I especially love Dancing With the Stars. I am most looking forward to the partnership of Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer. Lacey was a finalist in my other favorite dancing show, So You Think You Can Dance.

Yes, I am not ashamed to admit that I love this show! I am sure he wouldn't appreciate it, but, Kelly likes it just a little bit!

This has been a long time favorite of mine. I have been watching ER since the beginning. A couple of my favorite characters were Dr. Greene and Dr. Carter. I am a little sad that this is the final season.

Survivor is always a good one to watch, if you like realty shows that is. I happen to love realty television, so this is up there on my list!

I also really enjoy The Amazing Race. I always try and imagine Kelly on that show. He would love all the thrilling challenges and the competition aspect of the race. I don't want to go on the show, but I would volunteer him to do it!

I suppose you all know what I will be doing this fall!


Stacey said...

I am also a HUGE fan of McDreamy, Desperate Housewives (which Mike likes a little bit too so maybe Kelly will feel better about you admitting it for him!), and the last season of ER. I am dying for all the good shows to start again. I love Amazing Race too but I seem to forget when it is on!

Kimberly said...

I feel so excited just reading your post...I think my heart is beating a little bit faster! Oh, that McDreamy is soooo delicious...can't wait for that one!

The Karafa Family said...

Okay, I have got to try harder to hang out and get to know you because I think we were made for each other! You have seriously just posted my favorite shows! Grey's is 2 hours! I cannot wait!

The Wright's said...

Um, yes. I am super excited for shows to start. Ryan is already preparing himself for me calling out to Dr. McDreamy in my sleep. He has learned to accept it. Wahoo for seasom premiere's!!!

Tina said...

Not much of a TV watcher unless you count disney channel. Although I have gotten hooked on Biggest Loser in the past and have recorded the premier episode. Now I need to watch it.
How fun for you though. I wish I had the time to watch TV! I know I'm missing out!

The Karafa Family said...

So we will have to talk about the hubby's schedules. Then we can plan on whose house to watch at! Tiff can come to, we will make it a party!

Kelley Rae said...

Seriously, SERIOUSLY, seriously love that show. Watched the finale last night and just can't wait for next week. My other favs are Lost, Heroes, the Office (yay PB&J), and Pushing daisies. yea, I like TV too!

Grandma M said...

I think I know where you got your TV addiction from. Back in the late 1950's my family had the 1st TV in the town I grew up in! We didn't even have any stations yet--but we had the TV ready to go. I think it's been on at my house (growing up and as an adult) ever since!