Sunday, September 7, 2008

Poor Kelly....Oh, Katelyn!

Story number 1:
First off let me say, poor Kelly! My dear husband loves to play sports. We all remember about 6 months when he broke his all important trigger finger playing football. Last Tuesday, after work, he decided to stop by the gym for a little exercise. Well, he thought he would have a quick warm up on the basketball court and then make his way up stairs for some weight lifting. We all know what happens when several men are just "shooting some hoops." It turns into a basketball game. Kelly just couldn't refuse the invitation to play ball. At some point, Kelly came down with a rebound, and twisted his ankle. The next morning he could hardly walk and his foot was swollen and bruised. So a trip to the doctor was in order! Much to his relief, the xrays showed there were no fractures. Just a pretty good sprain! He has spent the last few days icing, wrapping, and elevating his foot. The next week or so will be spent doing light duty until he can walk normally!

Story number 2:
Katelyn is quite the busy little thing. She loves to get into things. Her newest adventures are taking out her clothes from her drawers. I know all babies go through this most wonderful phase. I don't even know why I bother to put her clothes away while she is in my presence! She most definitely will undo anything I have just done!


Kimberly said...

Poor Kelly! That Katelyn is so cute...even when she's making a mess. Some days I wonder why I even try to clean up...I only get to enjoy it for a short amount of time.

The Carney Family said...

(Comment on your comment) What?? I loved that picture of you! I thought you looked so poised! I'll have to send you some pictures.

Kelly, nice foot. Right in time for the bike squad reunion. Are you guys competing to see how many times you get hurt?

Katelyn... way too cute.

Angela said...

Cute pictures! (although I don't think I'd call Kelly's picture cute, exactly) I know what that's like, Brigham likes to help unload the dishwasher, especially the knives.

Darice said...

I agree with Tiffany C., I think Kelly and Freeman have some sort of unspoken competition going on- too weird!

As for Katelyn getting the clothes out all the time- I finally gave up that fight and hung all the clothes in the closet. Kind of a big job- but so worth not putting the clothes back away everyday!

Pincock Ohana said...

Yikes! I hope Kelly recovers quickly. Katelyn is such a cutie.

Robyn said...

I'm still waiting for that phase to end with Parker. My house is only clean when both kids are sleeping.

Tina said...

Kelly and sports don't seem to go together lately huh? It sure stinks to grow up.
And as far as the clothes go, well Abby likes to pull out the tupperware, silverware, shoes, dish towels, etc.
I'm with Robyn. The house is only clean when the kids are not home or asleep.

Kelley Rae said...

Love the new background, and I love the color of Katelyn's room! You said it . . . Poor Kelly! So sorry! At least he won't be off it for long!