Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Trees and Kittens Don't Mix!

This is our first year of having a kitten and a Christmas tree both at the same time. I don't recommend it! I delayed putting the ornaments on my tree in fear that my lively 15 month old would have better ideas for the shiny glass balls. Well, to much surprise, the cat was the one who found them more intriguing!

I go down stairs to hear some clanking going on. The sound reminded me of how the glass balls sound as they rub together. Naturally, my first thought was "Oh, Katelyn!" I walk in the living room, the cat is half way up the tree, and my ornaments are all on the floor. Max the cat had climbed the tree and swatted every single ball off! Not to mention he had managed to pull out every twig of berries off all the branches! It looks like this year, we will only have a lighted tree! So much for ornaments!

I found several piles like this all around my tree. Thanks Max!


Kelley Rae said...

I'll add that to my growing list of reasons why I don't have a pet! :)

The Karafa Family said...

That naughty kitten!

Tina said...

Darn cat!

Darice said...

Poor Megan and poor tree! We are brave to put our glass balls on the tree even with tile floors! So far not one has broken, Cambryn hasn't even touched them- I am AMAZED!