Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Carson Turns 4!!

Four years ago today, sweet little Carson was born! It is amazing how fast time goes! We found out I was pregnant with him just days before finding out we were moving to Arizona. Having this much change all at once was a little emotional at first. But, we made it through and here we are 4 years later!

Here are some things to love about Carson!
  • He is such a lovable boy. He loves to snuggle and is always willing to give you a great big squeeze!
  • He always warms my heart when out of the blue he says, "Mom, I love you so much!"
  • He is so adventurous! Sometimes this can be a scary thing. Like when he is 2 and he does a running jump down a water slide. Nevertheless, he is never afraid to try something out.
  • He is a big helper. Whether it is helping mommy clean or pull weeds or helping daddy put something together. He loves to get in on the action.
  • He loves fruits and vegetables! His favorite part of dinner is the salad.
  • He can make friends very easily.
  • He is brave. He has been through surgery and lots of dental work and he is the bravest little guy around!

We are so lucky to have a little boy like Carson. Happy Birthday Carson buddy! We love you to pieces!


The Wright's said...

Oh, Happy Birthday buddy! You are one amazing little guy and we miss you so much! Payton is going to be a very lucky girl. : )

We love you little man!

Rachel said...

Happy birthday, Carson! We miss you! I always send your card late. I'm sorry. But we always remember you on your special day! Eat lots of cake for us.

Robyn said...

What a sweet boy! Happy Birthday, Carson! I have a special place in my heart for 2nd/middle children!

Diane said...

Happy Birthday Carson buddy! What a sweet post to your sweet baby boy!

Jen said...

you are such a cute mom, megan!

Grandma and Grandpa Roush said...

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Your very sweet little Carson is such a fun beautiful spirit. He has a very special place in both of our hearts. Thx for the pictures that you send to keep us updated. We really appreciate it.

Joe and Frances said...

Wow, I cannot believe he is four. I remember him being just a baby in our Phoenix ward. Time really does fly by. Hope you are all doing well. Tell Kelly hi for us.

SuAnn McFadden said...

I hope Carson never loses his fearless nature. I'm planning on him making us all rich when he becomes a world-class gymnast, diver, bull-rider or tightrope walker. Then he may surprise us all & become an accountant or a dentist. Whatever he becomes, he will always do it with a great big smile! He warms my heart.

Z said...

Happy Birthday Carson!

Tina said...

what a cute little guy! Happy Birthday Carson!