Monday, March 30, 2009

Love This Girl!

Little Miss Kate is 18 months old! Sometimes I don't think it is quite fair how fast time goes! There are moments you want them to stay babies forever. But there are also moments that you count down the day they turn 18 months (this being because they are finally old enough for nursery! Yay!)

Although she is mostly sweet, she is also a lot of sass! Like when you ask her a question and she furrows her eyebrows at you and says "no." Or when her brothers have a toy she wants and she simply squeals at them while yanking it from their hands.

She definitely has a way with her red hair and bright blue eyes, which makes it impossible to stay angry at her for very long!

Here she is enjoying a strawberry (it's written all over her face!)

One of her favorite games is peek-a-boo.

One of my favorite things about Katelyn is that she is always excited to see Daddy. When he walks into the room she can hardly contain herself. She always points at his picture on the wall and announces, "Da Da."
No matter how sassy or how stubborn, Katelyn is our little princess!


Shirley Hale said...

She is so cute! Although, I bet having her in nursery will be quite nice. I love the strawberry picture. :)

Rachel said...

She is adorable. This is such a fun age.

pzierse said...

Ahhhh so very adorable!!! squish her for me!! and Connor and Carson too!!

The Wright's said...

Oh man!!! She is getting so big but still as cute as ever. I need you to call me and get her to say "no-no" on the phone. I have got to hear that!!!

Kimberly said...

She is such a doll! How did I miss so many posts! I sure do love you guys and love reading your blog...your family is so cute!

Angela said...

So cute, I love the red hair.

ps. I love the new template!

Grandma Hand said...

WHAT A CUTE, WONDERFUL, LITTLE REDHEAD. Katelyn is really a fun addition to the family. Love ya!