Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Old Friends

I have said before, that Buckeye Arizona has some of the greatest people on earth! Several years ago, I had the privilege of becoming friends with one of these terrific gals!

Tifany and I had two kids the exact same age and we were both pregnant with our third. Our boys had preschool together and soon enough, are families were inseparable. Crafting, eating, laughing, shopping, and baseball games were some of our favorite passtimes.

The sad day came in November of 2008, when a job opportunity took them to IOWA! We were all very sad but thankful to know that because we both had family in Salt Lake, the possiblity of meeting there during the summer was likely.

Sure enough, they came to Salt Lake! And lucky for us, we were able to get together.

Yesterday we met at a nearby park and got together for the first time in a year and a half.

You would have never guessed that it had been that long for these three guys! They just started playing right where they left off on the dreadful November day!

Katelyn and Maggie. It is hard to believe that how much these girls have changed.

Payton and Katelyn playing in the sand.

Connor, Carson, and Kutter having a great time.

After the park Tif and I went to an old favorite.....IN 'n Out Burger! Such a good day! We love the Wrights!

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Darice said...

Oh, my gosh- Kutter is HUGE! How fun, for you and the kids! I bet those best-buddies LOVED seeing eachother!