Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fun Times in Utah....Part two

I posted something earlier, I went back to do some editing and now I am having technical difficulties. I thought maybe I would just start over. Sorry for deleting the comments that were left.

Our trip has come to an end. It is so sad! We had a wonderful time in Salt Lake. There are so many things I miss about living in Utah. It is always hard for me to say goodbye. Our kids enjoyed playing with their cousins and going to lots of fun places.

When Kelly came back we went to Lagoon. Lagoon is an amusement park near Salt Lake and though it is no Disneyland, which you all know I love so much, there are still good times to be had there. Although, Carson did ask if we could go on the Buzz ride. Wrong park Carson.

Kelly also took the kids swimming again. This pool has a giant bucket that fills up with water and then dumps it into a large kiddie pool. Because of this, Carson calls it "The Bucket Place." Carson was getting ready to jump off the high dive and the lifeguard called out, "how old is he?" I answer, "3." He replies, "it is wickedly cool that he can jump off and swim from the diving board, but he has to be
8." He at least let him finish his last jump.

My family has one particular tradition that I love. Every year we rent a condominium in Park City. We try and do this either in the Summer or for Thanksgiving. This year we had a family reunion in Park City celebrating my mom's parents 80Th birthdays. This year there were 30 of us crammed into 3 separate units. It was a lot of fun. We all get together and play games and eat great food. The girls all go shopping at the outlet mall and the boys go to the park and play football. This year Kelly and my brothers took the the kids and rode the Alpine Slide and Alpine Coaster. My kids of course loved that. In an earlier post, I mentioned that I am afraid to make my grandma's potato salad, because it is just so good. I requested a cooking class in which I learned a few secrets from grandma. I now know how to make her salad. It was so much fun to relax with the family and then have someone else clean up after it is all over!

Monday was our last day in Salt Lake. We went to Liberty Park with some of Kelly's family. The kids played and explored forever. They have such a good time together. Connor was so sad to say goodbye. This is the first trip that he actually understood what going home meant. They sure do love their cousins.

We loved being in Utah. Thanks to our family and friends for making it so great.

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Buckeye Bosleys said...

I feel your pain- it is always so hard for me to leave my parents- I cry every time!