Monday, July 7, 2008

Someone is Missing.....

We are having a fun time in Utah, but it would be more fun if.....Daddy were here! Here are some reasons why dad makes everything better!

-He is adventurous. For example, when we go to the pool and Carson wants to jump off the high dive, dad would say, "Sure, why not." Or when we are at the rodeo and Carson wants to try Mutton Bustin', dad would say, "Sure, why not." He is not afraid of a little fun.

-He is easy going. I usually have a list of places to go and people to see. Whether it is to visit a long lost friend, or take the kids to the mall to play on the indoor playground, he is always a good sport.

-He can fix anything. When Connor's auto bot looses an arm or Carson's decepticon's head pops off, dad knows just how to put them back. Or when the strap of a camp chair gets stuck in the van door causing it to jam, he can take care of it.

-He's patient. The kids could be fighting over a chair or a cup and he can calmly take care of the situation. Mom usually needs to take a deep breath and have a timeout for herself!

-He's strong and offers two extra hands. Coming home after a long day and all three kids are asleep, dad can almost effortlessly reach in the back and lift the 50 pound 5 year old out of his booster seat.

-He's energetic. His energy seems to be endless! He can wrestle, run, climb, chase, carry, and toss the kids and be ready to do it all again in no time!

I could probably list a dozen more reasons why things are more fun when daddy is around. These seem to be the biggest reasons why mom is looking forward to his return! See you on Saturday! We love you daddy!


Lynette said...

Hey, Megan! I just wanted to let you know that it's been fun reading your blog and getting to know you again. :) I'm sorry that I didn't talk with you that much at the reunion...That was so crazy! I wish we would've gone to the picnic...Oh well...By the way, my husband really enjoyed talking to Kelly. He liked hearing all of the stories about his job. :)

Looks like you and your kids are having a blast here! I need to get my kids outside -- and wet! :) I don't know yet if Ogden has splash parks or not...I need to find out!

I'm done rambling... :)

Robyn said...

When I was in Tennessee without Joe, I realized how big of a help he really is! It's always more fun with daddy around! I'm sure you're exhausted!

Diane said...

Kelly has always been a lot of fun! Too bad he's not there to share the fun time with you. Have a good time while you're there. It sounds like there's never a dull moment. Love ya!

Brooke Jenkins said...

Megan, I love that you take time to recognize your husbands good qualities. Thanks for the example.

Alinde said...

Hi Megan,
I certainly understand what you're talking about. Kelly has always been the peacemaker, and has always been so athletic that he could really just do anything. I can relate to your post, though my husband isn't as athletic as he used to be, he really is a big help when I need a break, or need help with the sleepy kids in the van.
sure love you all and I love reading about your family and how your kids are growing up. I have always felt like Kelly was a brother to me because I lived with the Zierse's when i was 15 and again when I was 18.

Love ya

pzierse said...

Hey I am blogging. I am going to try doing this everyday. I am so glad you all are here. I am loveing all the interaction with the kids. Connor, Carsen and Katelyn are sooooo cute. I asked Carsen if I could kiss his face off. He said ok. I told them they taste like banana cream pie!! love Pat