Tuesday, July 22, 2008

50 Things to Know About Kelly....

In June, Kelly and I celebrated our 7Th anniversary. I realized that I didn't post anything about our 7 years of marriage! Months ago I wrote a post called "50 Things to Know About Me." I decided, to make up for being forgetful, I would see if I could list 50 things about Kelly. In November, it will be 12 years since our first date. Lets see how well I've gotten to know him in 12 years!

1. Kelly was born in Salt Lake City
2. He also lived in St. George and Texas
3. When Kelly was a little boy, he wandered out of his front yard and was found and returned by the police.
4. Kelly broke his leg playing soccer.
5. Kelly played football in High School. He was numbers 81 and 33.
6. His first job was working at Rite Aid
7. Kelly served his mission in Quito Ecuador.
8. He still uses his Spanish everyday.
9. He doesn't like olives.
10. Kelly loves surprises.
11. One of his favorite meals is chicken roll ups with mashed potatoes.
12. Kelly loves the ocean.
13. One of his favorite bands is U2.
14. Kelly loves cucumbers and vinegar.
15. Like most men, he loves some good old video game playing time.
16. He is always willing to help someone in need.
17. He loves his job as a police officer.
18. Kelly can’t sit still for too long. He loves to be doing anything that involves running, jumping, or chasing.
19. Kelly can fix just about everything!
20. Kelly played the trumpet in elementary school.
21. He and his brother saved a girl from drowning.
22. Kelly has a weak stomach and nearly fainted in all 3 of our childrens' births.
23. He has a knack for carving things out of food. He once made a jeep out of pumpkin pie, a car out of carrot cake, and an alligator out of butter.
24. He also loves to build things. He built a cabin out of Popsicle sticks. It came with a covered porch and a chair.
25. One of his favorite classes in High School was pottery. I guess you could say he loves to make art out of anything!
26. One of Kelly’s favorite card games is phase 10.
27. He once painted my brother’s bedroom to earn money to take me to prom.
28. In High School he drove two different pick up trucks. A yellow Toyota, which often times would break down every 3 miles or so and we would have to sit there for about 15 minutes to start again. He also drove a red Isuzu.
29. Kelly can entertain a group of young children for hours on end!
30. Kelly had a dog named Sheppy.
31. He is the 4Th out of 5 children.
32. One of his favorite snacks is beef jerky.
33. Kelly is very competitive at anything he does.
34. Kelly can’t use an ordinary cereal bowl. Most of the time he will use a small mixing bowl to eat from. He likes his bowl to be big and deep!
35. If possible, he would have orange juice come out of the faucet!
36. Kelly loves The Office.
37. Kelly is not a huge fan of cake.
38. Kelly’s favorite rides at Disneyland are Tower of Terror and Soaring Over California.
39. One of Kelly’s favorite books is To Kill A Mockingbird.
40. Once Kelly saved a bird that had fallen from a tree and named him Pete.
41. Kelly’s first trip on an airplane was when he went on his mission.
42. Kelly tickles harder than anyone! I swear he could crack a rib!
43. Kelly’s first name is Darwin. He is named after his maternal grandfather.
44. He has a scar on his chin from a big wheel accident.
45. He is the easiest going person I could ever know.
46. He was in gymnastics.
47. Another favorite class in High School was photography.
48. Kelly’s grandma did the Heimlich on him to remove a piece of candy.
49. Kelly’s idea of the perfect outfit is a t-shirt and shorts.
50. His nickname at work his “Z.”

Happy belated 7th anniversary to my very best friend!


The Wright's said...

Good to know. I will make sure and keep plenty of orange juice on hand and never offer him a piece of cake. : )

Kimberly said...

What a cute idea! Oh, I forgot about their dog Sheppy! Tell Kelly I said Hi!

Alinde said...

Ha ha ha ha, WoW there was a lot I didn't know about Kelly, and I lived with his family for a while...2 different times....(crazy) Though there was several things that I can remember that you mentioned. Kelly has always done the HUGE bowl for cereal thing. I remember it driving me crazy...not the bowl, but the fact that he and every one of his brothers and sisters ate cereal anytime...not just breakfast! (smile) I still have issues with my kids and hisband doing that...I don't know why, so I try to relax about it. (smile)

Oh I miss Sheppy! She was a good dog!
I'm glad you emailed me to let me know about the glitch in the blogger. From time to time I check anyway, but I didn't know. Also I figured out (I think) why some people can comment and others can't. If you have your blog set up for (GMAIL users only) to comment, that would be why you can't comment, so we need to get the word out for everyone to check that and to allow everyone to comment. (smile) I know Grandma hand has AOL and she is always complaining that she can't comment. I searched my blog and found it was on gmail users only for commenting...so that was how I fugured it out.

Love ya
GREAT POST! Happy 12 years!!! I'm happy to say I knew you then to!

Marisa said...

It was great getting to know Kelly better! I just laughed as I read most of those because he and Jon have a lot in common! Hee hee! TFS!

Bridgette J said...

If I had to name who you were talking about I would have said Jeff. That is so funny. Everything,even down to the gymnastics (shhh, I think he doesn't want that one out.)
What a cute way to honor your 7 yrs. Congratulations!!

Buckeye Bosleys said...

So fun to get to know things about Kelly. I love reading your blog!

Diane said...

What a fun thing to do! Kelly has always been really easy going and fun to be around. I guess he never told you how he was caught in a chain dog leash and had to bite the dog to get loose. Then when he came home with a big mark around his neck, his mom had to ask him what had happened. It was over and he wasn't going to make a big deal about it. He was a tough little guy!

We all miss Sheppy...crazy dog!

Anonymous said...

Hi kids!!. I'm so glad we're connected!! Kelly was always quiet even as an Infant he was tough he never cried over any immunization. He used to climb our Christmas tree at 1 yr old and pulled it over on the floor. I finally layed it against the wall and couldnt wait to get it out of the house. Kelly pulled a long heavy table over on top of him and had to have stitches at the corner of his eye(at one year old)At one of his parent teacher conferences I said to the teacher I know Kelly is very quiet and she said KELLY? He isnt quiet at all he is talking all the time. Soo I quess he was just quiet at home. One teacher called me at home to say Kelly threw an eraser at her while she was walking away. I said to the teacher KELLY? That doent sound like Kel. What happened? I said I wouldnt support his behavior and he would appoligize. I explained to Kelly when he got home that it was never ok to do things like that however she may have provoked him. Kelly is very slow to make upset and I believed him that he was provoked but, his behavior still needed to be addressed. She was his teacher and it was disrespectful. I told him if he did nt appologize to her I would come to school and stand in front of the class with him. He appologized. When Kelly was 5 yrs old the neghbor boy was a little older and wild. They burned an old barn across the street and the fire department was called and they said they were going to scare the tar out of them. He was crying but, all turned out ok. I woke up one night to hear crying coming from their room. I went in to see who and it was Kelly. I said whats the matter Kel? He said (I smoked) I said ooh thats ok just dont do it again. He said a little wobbeley o.k. I went back to bed and explained to Bill and pretty soon Kel came back in and was very worried. He said I'm afraid my lungs are black. We hugged him and loved him, I could cry with how cute that was. I said your ok Kel just dont do it again. He went back to bed the guilt gone from his shoulders. Love ya Son!!! mom

Anonymous said...

Sorry didnt mean to say anonymous!! Love ya Mom

pzierse said...

Hi Kids, It's sunday night and I really missed seeing you all today! The baptism and the blessing were wonderful. I'm sure Jim and Em's went great too. I hope never to miss another one in my life!! I just wanted to say Hi and I love you all!!! Mom