Friday, August 22, 2008


I saw this on a friends blog and thought it was fun. I decided to give it a try! Here's what you do. Try and guess the answer by the image. You can leave your answers in a comment. If you want to play along, just use Google Image to search for pictures that answer your questions. It is kind of fun to see the results of your search.

How old am I?

What is my first name?

What is my maiden name?

What is my grandmother's name?

Where was I born?

Where is my favorite place?

What place would I like to travel to?

What is my favorite thing? (one of many!)

What was a past pet?

What was a past love?

What is my favorite food?

What is my favorite color?

What is one (again of many) bad habits?


The Harding Hive said...

This is such a fun idea. I loved it.

The Wright's said...

That was awesome! I LOVED that! Totally not what I expected when you told me about it, I really was completely entertained by it.

I tried doing it for me but they did not have a poster of Gone With the Wind to represent the year I was born. : )

Robyn said...

That is a fun idea! You'll have to post the answers for us!

Kelley Rae said...

Cute idea - I was stuck on the gradma's name so I cheated and clicked on the picture. :)