Friday, August 8, 2008

Here's to New Schedules and Routines....

With Connor now in school (all day long,) things have changed just a bit around here! Before, I was okay with the kids hanging out in their jammies for a little while. Breakfast wasn't served immediately after waking up. Lets just say that things were well, pretty layed back around our house.

There is a new system around here! Our mornings begin around 7:00. The boys wake up and we head down for breakfast. Afterwards, we get dressed and brush teeth. We pack up the back pack and we head out around 8:15. As I mentioned before, the school is just around the corner. So, I get the stroller and load up Kate and Carson. When we get to school, things are pretty chaotic. Kids are everywhere! Today was the third day, so things seemed to be a bit more mellow in the morning.

Although, our venture takes place before 8:30, we come home sweaty and a needing a tall glass of cold water. Yes, it is still hotter than ever here. What should be a nice morning stoll, ends up feeling like death sentence! When we return home, it seems a little strange without Connor buzzing around. Carson is still a bit concerned as to when he will return.

However, Carson has taken full advantage of daddy's time! He has had a great time doing whatever he wants to do with dad. They have gone swimming and played lots of their "made up games" together.

After cleaning my house up, (which I am amazed how much easier I can get things done with one less kid around,) it is nearly time to walk back to get Connor. At 3:15, things are a lot more chaotic at the school. Each day, they have had a different system as to how they want us to pick up our kindergartener. I suppose in another week or so, we will get the hang of this stuff!

The evening consists of dinner time, bath time, jammy time, story time, and at 8:00, bedtime. Then before I know it, the fun starts all over again!

All in all, it has been a pretty good week. Connor seemed a lot overwhelmed the first day and has seemed a little better with each new day. Today he acted much more excited and eager to tell me how his day was.

Here are some pics of what our days were like this week:

Because Kelly works the swing shift, he is gone when Connor gets home from school. Connor gets to see daddy for about 1 hour before school. If he gets ready in time, he can play the Wii with him for a few minutes. Here they are with their game faces on!

Good morning Katydid!

Kelly was sitting at the computer and Carson literally climbed in his lap! He crawled under his shirt and stuck his arms, legs, and head out. They of course had to make a game out of it and become "the shirt monsters."

Here is just a cute picture of Kate. She is getting too big!

My cute and crazy Carson!

Mommy and Katelyn!


pzierse said...

What a fun and cute blog!! I loved the walk to school being a death sentence, I can only imagine how hot! I loved the shirt monsters it is so cute I could cry!! Today was a hard and great day all rolled up in one. We signed papers their side wont sign until monday at 4pm which means another day in waiting for funding. Thanks for the uplift I so love each of you!!! The house is the space house I dont know if Angie mentioned it but, it has a black ceiling and a rocket border. Nathaniel and Johnathan love it. It looks alot like our West Jordan house. Love ya Mom

Kimberly said...

Full day kindergarten, wow! It took Luke a while to adjust to not having Taylor around to entertain him. I'm curious to see how this year is now that Taylor will be gone ALL day and will be riding the bus. I loved all of your pics. The t-shirt monster was hilarious!

Diane said...

Great pictures! I love the description of your "ground hog day". Too funny! Isn't it amazing how fast 3:00 comes around? Sounds like you're getting right in the swing of things. Good luck!

Grandma Hand said...

I am so happy to see the fun pictures. It is so fun to see you enjoying each day and I especially loved the the shirt monster. Kelly is so cute with stirring the kids up. I can't believe that Conner is going to school all day. Love ya - keep posting!!

Bridgette J said...

I've been keeping up on your blog through a feed reader, but I have been missing your slideshows. They are awesome. I think I'm going to steal the current one's style. Love it!
You Kindergarden Mom's have me all nervous about that day! Thanks for bravely paving the way first. I'll need your words of wisdom in 2 years!

The Harding Hive said...

I love the game faces while your guys are playing the WII. Kelly and Conner are doing the exact same thing with their eyes. I love it. Soooo cute.

I am anxious for our school to start here in a couple of weeks. I will only have two at home this year, also. And you are RIGHT. It does make a difference with just one kiddo gone. Hopefully I can be as organized and scheduled as you. Wish me luck.

The Harding Hive said...

You would think with 5 kids that I would be organized, but I'm really not. That's why I loved this post so much. I am going to try harder to stick to a schedule this year. You are inspiring.

Buckeye Bosleys said...

You get to walk to school- how fun! I would love to do that too. Although since I have to drive it doesn't matter if the girls and I are still in our jammies. I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing. You and Kelly are such great parents- your kids are truly blessed!

Heidi and Tony said...

What a cute family you have! Isn't it crazy how quickly they grow? Just another couple months of the "death sentence" and then those morning walks will be oh so nice, while us up here are freezing. It was so good to see you a couple of months ago.