Friday, August 6, 2010

Lets Start At the Very Begining......

To start off our vacation, we spent a couple of days in Rexburg with my Aunt and her family. First we went to Porter Park and spent some time at the splash pad and carousel. It was a great splash park and the kids had so much fun!

On July 24th, we spent the day in St. Anthony, ID where my mom and her family are from. They have a big celebration for Pioneer day, including a parade.

The kids managed to collect quite a bit of candy. Of course to them, this was the highlight of the parade!

They have a 5 and 10k race as part of the festivities. Kelly ran his 2nd 5k and beat his time by 2 minutes! He was pretty proud.

After the parade and a picnic, we went to the St. Anthony Sand Bar.

The kids weren't too sure about getting in the river at first, but soon enough they were having a grand old time!

Up next: More Island Park and Yellowstone fun!

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Rachel said...

I think for sure we'll have to do some of these things next year. That looks so fun!