Monday, August 9, 2010

The Rest of the Story.....

Okay, so this is my final post of our vacation! I hope you enjoy the rest of our pictures!

After we left Rexburg, we made our way up to Island Park. We made a few stops along the way.

One of those stops was to Upper and Lower Mesa Falls. I love it up here. It is so pretty and the views are breathtaking!

First was Upper Falls and then Lower Falls

As we entered Island Park, we stopped at Big Springs. The water here is so clear (and cold!)

Kelly had to take each child and hang them upside down and pretend to drop them in the water. Of course, this was a fun game to them!

One of our days there Kelly rented a four wheeler and took the boys out all day. Connor said it was more fun than Splash Mountain......I begged to differ!

They did enjoy their 9 hours of 4 wheeling and I enjoyed going to West Yellowstone for lunch with my grandparents!

You can't come all this way and not spend some time in Yellowstone! We had a great day there and saw lots of neat things.

We saw lots of elk (like the one in the background,) deer, and bison (we even had to stop for 30 minutes or so to let a herd of them cross the road!) Kelly even got to see a brown bear.

One of my favorite parts of Yellowstone are the waterfalls.

We had campfires and S'mores (as Carson is so kindly showing us with his chocolate grin!)

Our cabin also came equipped with a hot tub. This was sure a fun treat! Although the kids just thought it was a small swimming pool. We had to remind them that hot tubs were for sitting and relaxing!

On our last night we went to The Mountain Vue Ranch. It was in the most beautiful location, just off Henry's Lake.

They put on a little rodeo, which the kids are down participating in some activity in this photo

After the rodeo, we had the best dutch oven dinner ever! Chicken, steak, beans, potatoes, homemade rolls, and peach cobbler for desert. YUM!

This was the view we enjoyed while we ate.

At one point during dinner, they let the horses out of the stable and they all went running through the field.

After dinner we sang songs and did some line dancing. Katelyn especially loved the dancing. It was such a great way to end our vacation!

So, that's the end! What a great time we had. It was such a beautiful and relaxing place to spend some time together!


Tia said...

Looks like SO much fun! Did you find your accommodations through VRBO? I love that cabin! And the ranch seems like it would be awesome!

Bridgette said...

What beautiful pictures! I was just telling Jeff last night that I want to join the Zierse family. You guys have so much fun. It seems like everyday Kelly is not working you are on a fun family adventure. Days off in my house consist of Star Wars marathons & Aliens vs Pred. So do you have room for me??

Jen said...

what a great vacation Megan! your kids are so lucky to have such a fun mom ;)

Kelley Rae said...

Wow! What an awesome trip! The pics are beautiful too - makes me want to pack up and go to Yellowstone. Ü